Special WWE The Bump Recap From 5/10/20

Welcome to Rajah.com's recap of last Sunday's WWE's The Bump. The show airs every Wednesday at 10 AM EST on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE's official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join Kayla Braxton as well as Ryan Pappolla, Matt Camp, and Evan T. Mack as they discuss everything and anything that is going on both in and out of the WWE ring!!

WWE The Bump Show Intro - Panel Welcome

The Sunday May 10, 2020 special MITB edition of WWE's The Bump aired as a pre-show to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view this past Sunday. Starts off with the panel discussing their winner choices for the Women's Money in the Bank match. With the countdown clock steadily running down, only 8 hours, 28 minutes, and 33 seconds until the most unique Money in the Bank event is set to start, The Bump has a back and forth on who is going to win in the Women's division for MITB. It seems they have a split decision with Lacey Evans and Carmella (former Ms. Money in the Bank).

First Guest, King Corbin!

King Corbin is announced as the first guest on The Bump! Corbin tells everyone to bow down to him as he is welcomed to the show. We see Corbin sitting in what looks to be an entertainment room with guitars hanging behind him on the wall and a brown couch and big screen tv. He is noted to be competed in the most unique MITB in WWE history, then asked if he's prepared. Corbin states he doesn't feel there's a way to prepare because he's never raced from the bottom floor to the top of a corporate building before. Corbin explains what he's heard of the corporate building's layout.

Corbin is asked by Kayla if he regrets the way he cashed in his MITB briefcase after his last win. Corbin shakes his head, Corbin notices the video of him cashing it in is shown, stating he was younger and eager. "I feel like that's unnecessary. OK. Just uncalled for, if I had known you were gonna do this, I might have canceled this interview, I mean come on." Corbin is then asked about King Corbin, Kentucky, which Corbin says he owns. "There's not going to be an opportunity for a 'same-night' cash-in." Corbin laughs as the reminder of Corbin throwing Elias off a perch (video clip is shown) before Wrestlemania.

Corbin says he enjoys crossing the line, and likes to get his hands dirty, like throwing people off of buildings. Kayla state, "You were listed as the most hated wrestler in WWE" Kayla asks if Corbin wears that as a badge of honor. "I was in a group of smart kids when I was little, because I was real smart. "Everyone pushes the buttons, but you always take it one step further. So I feel like this has been my calling since I was a little kid. I feel like it's something that comes natural." Corbin is asked if he misses the ability of feeding off the crowd. Corbin states the instant gratification is gone, but he still sees it in Instagram posts and online. "My ego won't allow me to go, 'I wonder what they're thinking'". Corbin adds that he misses the energy of the crowd though.

"Would you rather face Braun Strowman, who you have history with. Or Bray Wyatt, or would you rather wait it out?" Corbin states that's a tough question, agreeing he has history with Braun. He asks how you put The Fiend in a box, adding we saw what he did to Cena at Wrestlemania. Corbin states he is gonna be smarter with how he handles his cash in, stating, "so it might be wait six months and we'll have a different champion. Plus I dont know the rules yet, can I go after the RAW champion? I'm really gonna take my time with it to devise a solid plan to make sure I have success with it."

Corbin is asked who he thinks is the best King of the Ring and if there is a meeting of past kings. Corbin lists HHH, Macho Man, and himself, among other superstars, he feels he is in an elite class, adding it solidifies him in where he wants to be. "I want to run out of wall space, where I have to buy another house for more plaques." He finishes stating he will be Mr. MITB On that note, Corbin says his goodbyes!

New Segment - "Dan Answer's The Internet"

The four members of the panel discuss Corbin, then Mack adds, "It's time for The Bump 100 with Dan Vollmayer" Dan states it's a new segment called "Dan Answers The Internet".

#1. Did Lacey Evans really booby trap WWE Headquarters?A video is shown where Lacey Evans asks for a tour of the building at the delivery door, and is shot down. Then she commando crawls in a dress towards the door, but was unable to get in. We see her running down a dirt road away from a cop. Vollmayer states "I can confirm that, Lacey did make it into the building. Don't tell any of the other opponents I said this, but the building has been prepped. The traps are set." Then Dan runs down a list of Home Alone type booby traps.

#2. Next question, what do I do with the note cards when I'm done answering the questions? I throw it.

#3. Is Aleister Black related to Jack Black, and if so, might he have Nacho Libre assist him at Money in the Bank?" The answer is no, and a nice video of Jack Black dancing pool side is shown. Next question, "Who has the better "oh yea" Otis or Randy Savage?" Both are played. Dan says he loves Otis, but Randy wins.

#4. Final question, Money in the bank replica briefcases are sold by WWE, are they cool? Dan shows he has his own and it's hard plastic. Dan then pretends to cash in the plastic briefcase in multiple ways, and using it to work out like Andrade as a video is shown of Andrade using lawn furniture to exercise.

Panel Discusses SmackDown Tag-Team Fatal Four-Way Match

We head back to the panel and Kayla reminds they've spoke on the Ladder Match, but now it's time they discuss the SmackDown Tag-Team Championship fatal four way match, with The Miz & John Morrison vs. Lucha House Party vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E vs. The Forgotten Sons. Matt Camp states he didn't mean to make enemies of New Day, and that he's picking them, as they are prepared. Matt gives an early congratulations to New Day. Evan T. Mack states he believes this is Forgotten Sons moment to shock the world. Next, Ryan says theres a very good chance, and his bet is on The Miz and John Morrison, "hey-hey, ho-ho" the panel laughs.

Back to Kayla, then asks where Ryan stands on the Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman. Ryan says he isn't positive where he lands on this. Ryan says he's an idiot and isn't sure, his heart is with Braun, but his head is with Bray, giving the edge to Bray. Evan T. Mack states he feels safe and secure in his undisclosed location while in quarantine, adding he feels Braun is going to win this. He continues to talk up Braun for a moment as Ryan and Matt both wave goodbye to him with a joking smile.

Special Guest: BRAY WYATT!!

Kayla then takes this as an opportunity to welcome Bray Wyatt!! The Firefly Fun House music begins as we see the Firefly opening sequence. Evan asks the panel if they're waving "bye" as the song is ending. Evan is dancing to the song. We enter the Fun House, no Bray. Just photos on the wall. Everyone says, "Bray?" "Yo Bray?" "Mr. Wyatt?" "What's up dudes? It's your old pal Ramblin' Rabbit" Kayla asks where Bray is, to which Ramblin' Rabbit states that Bray is home getting prepared for his match with Braun, adding, "But since I'm here you can interview me!" The panel reluctantly agrees. "It' was a cold dark night, I was born on a farm, before the reptilians took it away..." the screen scrambles and we suddenly see Bray Wyatt, a wrap on his hair and foggy glass behind him.

Bray begins, "What up punks, and girls. Must remain here, I know what you're thinking, how am I supposed to keep my gains if i'm stuck at home every day? Well I'm here to tell you, if you're preparing to go up against a zombie horde, or you're going up against your brother for the universal title, being a sexual tyrannosaurus is every day work. Luckily for you, you have me." Bray puts on sunglasses. Bray wearing a "Strowman" muscle shirt lifts 8lb weights, then it shows a "MuscleTube" video where Bray is curling 8lb weights the video is titled, "Muscle Man Gets His Pump In: Superstar Home Workouts" with 3,362,855,209,733 views dated May 10, 2020, then it switches to an old man lifting weights, then flips to Braun curling very big weight sped up, ending with a thumbs up.

Next, Bray quickly sped up working out on a "Dance Dance Revolution" game as his feet move faster it starts to smoke, then he runs from a pig, "if you're gonna get in a fight with a Sasquatch, you need to know it's weaknesses", again the old man, then Bray lifting the barbell with big weights on it while thrusting his hips forward with it, then doing more muscle poses in a field, finally back to where he was standing in the beginning, "Don't forget to train your brains brothers!" as he throws a marker, a board behind him with a detailed math problem, the answer a triangle = 666, finally Bray ripping his shirt off with fire-worker behind him. "Hope you enjoyed the workout, hope you enjoy MITB, I know I will. I mean... BYYYEE!" with the innocent smile and wave.

WWE Championship Match with Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

Kayla questions the panel on their thoughts. They all than Bray in fear. Kayla then moves on to the WWE Championship Match with Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins is discussed next. Kayla sends it over to Matt. Matt states he believes Drew McIntyre seems to be in the right mindset, and this could be the match of the evening. Evan T. Mack states he's upset Drew didn't call him when he got to interview Chris Helmsworth and part of himself wants to pick against Drew, but he's still going to choose Drew. Ryan also chooses Drew. Seems the vote is unanimous!

Next Guest - WWE Women's SmackDown Champion, Bayley!!

Matt states "It's been 10 years of Tamina, she knows who she is, your new SmackDown Women's Champion, is going to be Tamina, a lot of people backing her, including me." Evan states, "Tamina, all day long. It's a wrap. It's going down, that's SmackDown's new Women's Cham-Peen" Kayla agrees, then welcomes Bayley.

Kayla welcomes Bayley as the panel claps for her. Bayley poses and states she's great, she's the Women's SmackDown champion, duh. Kayla exclaims, "it's great to see you" to which Bayley replies, "it's ok to see you." This past week Tamina was on The Bump, Kayla tells Bayley, "this is what she had to say about you." Tamina states even if she was in a handicap match with Bayley and Banks, she would still walk out the champion. Bayley says she's beat Tamina, asking what she's talking about. Bayley tells the panel not to laugh as Kayla asks what Bayley says to the rumor that she's intimidated by Tamina. Bayley rolls her eyes as she says Tamina has called her a lot of things.

Then Bayley states she is many things, "2x SmackDown Women's Champion, RAW Women's Champion, NXT Women's Champion, Inaugural Women's Tag Team Champion (w/ Sasha Banks), Money in the Bank winner, First Women's Grand Slam Champion." is written on the screen as Bayley reads it off, adding she's not a coward and isn't intimidated just because she's in the "Samoan Dynasty and been here for 10 years and big and strong." Bayley adds she's just smarter than her and quicker than her. Bayley asks where Evan T. Mack came from with the laughing as he asks about Sasha Banks, if she has to go up against her. Evan shouts, "Bayley!" as Bayley responds, "What?! I don't even know your name, so I can't shout it back at you." Bayley rambles on about what she's accomplished. Bayley tells Evan to relax then she tells Kayla, "get your boy."

Ryan apologizes to Kayla for the disrespect by the panel. Ryan then adds that they make predictions, and after Tamina was on, Kayla had this to say, "it was rude" as they go to the clip. Kayla says Tamina is gonna be Women's Champion, sorry, not sorry. Bayley says, "You know what?" Bayley tells Kayla to go ahead and try and talk her way out of it. You wanna get behind Renee Young, let me beat Tamina, then Kayla Braxton, then Mr. Evan in the middle man. "You never even have me in the studio, you Facetime me on my day's off." The panel states they don't want to interrupt her schedule. Bayley then states they ruined her morning schedule when she has a big match tonight.Kayla reiterates that Bayley is the only Women's WWE Grand Slam Champion, Kayla then asks if there's any other titles or things to accomplish that Bayley has her eye on.

Bayley says the Women's Tag-Team Championships are being disrespected around the waist of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Bayley says she runs the "whole damn division" adding, "it's never ending with me." Kayla says she does have a surprise for Bayley.

Video Clip - Bayley's Trainer Surprising Her On The Beat

Jason Styles (Bayley's trainer) "Surprise! It's been a while since I've seen you in person!" Styles says he's proud that Bayley is the Women's SmackDown Champion, and if he's not mistaken, the longest reigning. He says more nice things as Bayley smiles and attempts to hold back tears. Bayley says she knows what they're trying to do, but she ain't gonna cry, and she thanks Jason. "This night just got so much better, thank you guys!" a genuine smile on Bayley's face. Replays are shown as Bayley gets Super-kicked in the ring by Tamina, then attacked backstage by Tamina. Bayley asks what the point was of asking a question if they're just gonna run the video. Bayley looks at her imaginary watch. Kayla states they just want to get her feelings hours out from MITB. Bayley says she's out of answers, they'll just have to watch and see.

Money Moments video shows. Bayley grabbing the Money in the Bank briefcase is played, then she hands it to the ref and pins Flair. Bayley tells Ryan that was a great replay. Kayla states everyone was excited during that clip, you were the "Role Model", now a lot of fans are more in favor of her competitor. Kayla asks if Bayley misses the support of the WWE Universe. Bayley says no matter how much she appreciated those moments, showing the fans she appreciated them, Bayley notes now in the empty arenas where she doesn't have to touch hands or worry about them, she can focus on herself. So they can cheer for Tamina. Bayley ends, "I am happy to beat Tamina and shut everybody up once again." Kayla apologizes for tough questions. Bayley talks over her saying, "They weren't tough questions, they were dumb questions." The panel says goodbye.

After Bayley interview

Kayla asks everyone for their take-away. It is stated Bayley is a confident champion, Bayley thinks she's gonna be the champion for a long time, and they still pick Tamina. Evan laughs.

Final Guest: Dead Man Walking... THE UNDERTAKER

Kayla states as the others on the panel nod along, "The time, has finally come, it is our honor here on The Bump to bring on the most respected, biggest WWE Superstar in history, who's unbelievable documentary "The Last Ride" debuts tonight on the WWE Network, please welcome my guest at this time, the phenom... The UNDERTAKER!" We see 'Taker sitting in a low lit room, pictures in frames behind him, older looking curtains and furniture behind him as well looking almost like a hotel room, but possibly just a den or something in his own home. 'Taker jokes he doesn't know if he can follow Kayla's welcome entrance, calling it a "pretty good lead in" as he smiles. Kayla states, "It's no secret you're a private person." Making note that 'Takers first long form sit down interview last year on Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Undertaker on filming "Undertaker: The Last Ride

Kayla leads right into her first questing as she asks 'Taker what filming the documentary was like for him.

A caption under 'Taker as he responds shows, "Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 1: The Greatest Fear" underneath that stating "Streaming Now on WWE Network" 'Taker begins, "it was surreal, really strange for me, it was my idea to do it. i am a notorious dinosaur and old school guy." There's cameras everywhere, filming everything. 'Taker states, "It used to drive me nuts. I used to say, 'don't film me. I don't need people seeing this, seeing that.' At one point I realized those were the exact things that needed to be filmed."

"People would look at me like, why is he such a crabby ass old man?," 'Taker continues, "It was just years and years and years of protecting that gimmick. But it did kinda get that thought process going, as I didn't know how many matches I have left, we might need to document some of this stuff." 'Taker states at the time of filming, they didn't know yet what they were going to do with the footage they were recording. 'Taker states, "I think people are going to be really surprised, and really enjoy this thing, because they're going to get a look inside the Undertaker like they've never seen before."

Undertaker on who he wanted to prove himself to the most as he started out in wrestling

"Was there somebody for you when you started as The Undertaker, was there that one person or those multiple people that you felt you needed to earn their trust?" 'Taker responds obviously Vince, then talent-wise, those that were there a little before him, Brett Hart, Hulk Hogan, those guys, ya know. 'Taker states "back then, it was a different vibe, but i knew once Vince trusted me, I think everything fell into place." 'Taker adds, "Those guys were old school guys when I came in with this gimmick, so when they accepted me, I knew we were off to the races."

Undertaker compares himself to Bret Favre

Ryan then takes a turn to speak to 'Taker as he states, "Edge compares you to Brett Farve in episode one of the doc, and I actually think that goes pretty deep, despite each of you going through so much physical strain, you both outlasted all your contemporaries, but somehow continued to perform at unbelievable elite levels, at this stage do you ever marvel and take a step back and wonder how you're able to do this at all still with what your body has gone through??"

'Taker responds, "Yea... Unfortunately, I think I'm, my pain tolerance, I think I'm a lot tougher than I am smart sometimes. Um, I just love this business." (a video package plays as 'Taker's response continues voicing over the video) "You know, early on, what this means to be in this business, its not ballet, but if it's in your heart and it's your passion, then all this crazy stuff that your looking at right now, that's normal in our world, it comes with the territory. But I've used the Brett Favre analogy. The Brett Favre and John Elway.

That's kinda what I've been looking for, win the Superbowl and walk away. I think me and Elway are on the same path *laughs* we're still trying our hardest,but that ring might be a little more elusive than what it was for Elway or Manning but it's just, when it's ingrained in you and you've done it for over thirty years, you've got to have a passion for it."

Undertaker on the real behind the scenes of performing in the business

"It's not an easy life, and you realize that pretty quick when you get into this business, I think that is why people try to transition from other sports into WWE have a hard time, because it looks fun on tv, when ur at Wrestlemania, it looks like pretty cool stuff, but they don't think of the other 364 days of the year when you're traveling and its 2 in the morning in some backwoods town looking for something to eat and...the glamour is really attracting, but I think there's a lot more work that goes into it than what I think most people really understand." Kayla then agrees.

Undertaker on his influence on other Superstars and up and comers

Kayla brings up Mick Foley and the Last Ride. She brings up that Foley said, "I don't think I've ever been drawn to a character so immediately." Kayla then says didn't really come from the wrestling world, but she's been with WWE for 4 years, about how long she's watched it, being a newbie, you came to my first Wrestlemania back in 2017, she realized how cool it was and thought Undertaker was so cool. Kayla then asks,
"What does that mean to you? To know you've drawn so many people to this business?"

Hearing a quote like that from somebody of Mick Foley's stature, I mean it's really humbling. I mean, Mick and I obviously share a tremendous amount of history. I hope so. I hope that I was able to inspire some people to succeed and come into this business and have a passion for this business. I hope people approach things with a lot of the mindset that I did. There's a lot of people that look at what we do and think it's easy, 'well shoot i can make a dollar' they just get into it.. ya know? But if somebody can feel the passion like somebody as Mick Foley, Edge, or myself then we know this business will prosper and will continue to grow."

'Taker ends his thought stating you have to be passionate to do this, if ur doing this to be content, you're in the wrong place. Never settle for where your at, work towards becoming the main event guy. You have to be passionate to do this, if you do this to get a free cup of coffee at the Waffle House, you are wasting your time. Kayla reminds that 'Taker went through other characters before WWE.

Undertaker on the creation of "The Undertaker"

"Prior to WWE you went through a couple other characters," Kayla then asks, "When the Undertaker was born, was there a time where we thought that there would be an expiration date on this character, before you might have to adopt another persona?"

Taker begins, "It took off and it took off fairly fast." (A video begins of Paul Bearer as 'Taker comes out and Hulk Hogan is in the ring at Survivor Series, November 27, 1991) "and then within less than a year, people were just really drawn to it. I'll never forget, it was Survivor Series, we were in Detroit and I was wrestling Hogan for the title,I came out, and it was 60-40. I was a little bit taken back, I was like, "wow this is gonna be awkward" but it was just kinda the start, people were withdrawn because the character was so different and fortunately for me, I've been able to keep my finger on the pulse of the character, so when i felt like it was starting to get stale, i would talk to Vince and I would tell him I think we need to tweak this, or tweak that.

You can't continue to do the same thing. Even back then, there was way too much content,a d if you don't have your finger on the pulse. I know if I'm feeling stale, I know my audience is feeling it too. I've talked about this a little before, if i had to change from old school undertaker to american bad-ass during the Undertaker era, I don't think it would have made it. Really, 'cause I was too shackled within the gimmick, there was too much going on. Obviously, if you studied the attitude era. It was a free for all, everything was out there, I think I really woulda struggled to keep that character wholesome, within that time period.

I kept elements of The Undertaker in the American Badass, that helped me come back to it after the fact. If I hadn't of changed, we probably wouldn't be sitting her talking about it. Matt Camp makes note that 'Taker mention that on Stone Cold's Skull Sessions. A clip of 'Taker on his motorcycle backstage waiting to ride down the ramp to the ring is shown. 'Taker continues, "To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. Because I had already been there for 10 years, so to completely change the character like I did, I didn't know how they'd take it. Fortunately for me, ya know..."

'Taker interrupts himself as he sees the video clip playing as he goes for a strike on Vince McMahon, McMahon completely oversells it and you don't even see 'Taker connect as McMahon falls to the canvas. 'Taker states, "That was a potato right there. Everybody else got perfect shots..." the panel continue to laugh.

'Taker then heads back into his thought, "I'm sitting backstage on the bike thinking, 'they're gonna love this'. Fort it worked out and that character change obviously, it made me relevant all the way through the Attitude Era and gave me something to go back to, and it allowed me to retain some of the stuff I did as American Badass, so I had all these different elements and it kept the character fresh."

Undertaker on taking his first defeat at Wrestlemania 30 and his injury that followed, (and his psyche thereafter)

Kayla takes us back to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans for a moment, 21-0 winning streak when 'Taker was beat by Brock Lesnar. She states the real tragedy is when 'Taker was rushed to the ER and he obtained an injury that really destroyed his confidence. Kayla asks what 'Taker would say to the younger athletes, if they go through something similar. 'Taker notes Flair thanked him because he was able to restore Flair's confidence in himself that had been torn down in WCW. 'Taker couldn't understand because he was the Nature Boy... until that happened to 'Taker.

'Taker said at that point in his career, he was only working the ring a few times a year, adding he doesn't blame Lesnar, but not many people were big enough to throw him around like that. "After years of success, I'm not sure if I can do this again," 'Taker stated of that time. He goes on to say Triple H helped get 'Taker back to feeling like he belonged in the ring.

"Knowing the streak was coming to an end, that was the most unique sound. Is that what you imagined it to be?" 'Taker said, "I didn't think it would be well received." The panel and 'Taker laugh a bit at the shocked faces in the audience, 'Taker states, "That guy looks like, 'what the hell just happened?'" everyone laughs. 'Taker adds WWE had big plans for Brock, so he did it for him.

Undertaker on being pulled back in after each "last match"

"You take off your gloves after you beat Shane McMahon at Hell in the Cell April 3, 2016, was that a symbolic gesture as small as it was that maybe if it was your last, what prompted your return in 2017, where the doc begins?" 'Taker explains that sometimes you have to realize you've rung the sponge, you've been to the bottom of the well, and no one beats father time. 'Taker says without giving too much away, his biggest fear, was becoming a parody of himself. Texas stadium, Texas guy, Dallas fan, what better time to walk away, 'Taker said. So he took his gloves off, kind of like, OK in case I don't come back, people will remember this. 'Taker said he got the call sometime that year asking if he wanted to work Roman and he though, "Crap, of course I want to work Roman." The panel laughs. When the coat went down in the ring, 'Taker said he had no intentions, he was just so physically spent. Taker states the doc is about knowing when to say when.

Undertaker on preparation for Wrestlemania, days leading up to the event.

Ryan asks 'Taker to take us through his process as he heads into Wrestlemania. 'Taker shares he knows how much work he's put into it, but added, "a fighter can get old in one fight" so he had all those thoughts in his head. 'Taker then shares that what he did for Roman was important. 'Taker then states he was not really pleasant those last few days before the match, Michelle helped keep the kids at bay so 'Taker could get into the right mind frame, so he could do everything he needed to do to be the best he could be. 'Taker concludes by explaining the honor of being on or invited to Wrestlemania, and how serious he takes it.

Undertaker on not breaking character outside the ring

'Taker states, "I protected that character, normally I'm a pretty fun loving guy, but cameras backstage... I never wanted anyone seeing Undertaker not being Undertaker." He mentions not doing outside projects because of that. He dressed in black, when he was booked on Regis and Kathy, Paul would do most of the talking while 'Taker stayed in character.

'Taker points out on this day in age, everybody has a cell phone everywhere you go. 'Taker says, "It would be virtually impossible to do it and maintain the mystique of that character," laughing he continues, "a few years ago, when I finally got on social media, I got people going, 'well there goes my childhood, my childhood is dead.' The Undertaker is on social media, how can he be on social media? He's dead!" The panel laughs. This year marks 30 years of the Undertaker Kayla states, to which 'Taker states, "I started when I was 12 ya know."

Undertaker finishes up interview with discussion of Boneyard Match and "Undertaker: The Last Ride"

Kayla continues on to state 'Taker was part of another first in WWE, as a clip is shown of the Boneyard Match at Wrestlemania 36.

And, of course, WrestleMania 36 brings us to today, where "The Dead Man" wraps up the appearance by promoting the premiere of the inaugural episode of the multiple-part WWE Network Documentary series, "Undertaker: The Last Ride," which aired on the WWE digital subscription streaming service immediately following the WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view with "Chapter 1 - 'The Greatest Fear.'


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