Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake Tried to Make Amends With PC Talent Following Jaxson Ryker's Controversial Tweets

-- Speaking to, Steve Maclin (known as Steve Cutler in WWE) confirmed earlier reports that he and Wesley Blake traveled immediately to the WWE Performance Center after seeing the controversial tweets of the third member of their tea, Jaxson Ryker. The duo made attempts to make "amends" for Ryker's comments, doing their best to distance themselves and separate quickly from him. Maclin also noted that when he and Blake were in Florida, Ryker decided to relocate to North Carolina and other talent and officials confirmed that it was just the two of them who came down to the PC and reached out to the wrestlers there. While Maclin and Cutler didn't feel any backstage heat for those comments, ironically, they have since been released while Ryker is still under contract to WWE.