Steve Maclin Says He Nearly Pushed Through Injury To Work Slammiversary

Steve Maclin recently spoke with the folks from Fightful for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the former IMPACT World Champion spoke about his groin injury, when he found out about it and how he nearly pushed through it to work IMPACT Slammiversary 2023.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On finding out that he tore his groin: "Just a spur-of-the-moment thing that occurred during the match with me and Alex Shelley for the rematch on the Down Under Tour for IMPACT Wrestling,” he said. “I was really looking forward to it, and the outcome, because I was on my way to winning, and then, of course, I tried to push myself through it and work through an injury, it cost me. But what can you do? Sometimes things happen we can’t control. Talk about two days of hell waiting to get back to the States to get an MRI, get seen in the ER, and find out what was going on,” he continued. “Luckily, IMPACT got me set up with a doctor to see and found out it was just a grade 2 sprain with a partial tear in there. So a little bit of black and blue in the groin area, which made me nervous. But until I got the information, scans, and everything, I was pretty happy with it afterwards. It didn’t stop me from getting right back into the gym."

On how he nearly pushed through the injury and worked Slammiversary: "It was one of those things where things just kinda lined up. Everybody’s always walking around with injuries. It’s not ballet. Everybody’s always said that. Wrestling is not ballet. You’re either injured, or you’re hurt. You can work hurt, but you can’t work injured sometimes. This was one of those injuries where I wish I could have pushed through and gotten to Slammiversary, but to further injure it probably would have been worse, and I would have been out a lot longer."

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