Stevie Ray Says Harlem Heat "Never Had Good Chemistry" With Public Enemy

During his chat with That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Harlem Heat member Stevie Ray reflected on battles with Public Enemy. The WWE Hall of Famer also explained the reason why he "never wanted" to do hardcore matches, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On the lack of "good chemistry" between Harlem Heat and Public Enemy:

“The only people that we never had good chemistry with was Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock [Public Enemy]. We never had good chemistry with those guys. Because those guys were too little, for one thing. And they just not-super athletic guys. So we’re used to working with super-athletic guys. We just never could get a chemistry with them. Nothing against them, because I love them to death, you know. God bless both of them. Matter of fact, me and Rocco, we used to hang out. We went out together a lot, you know what I’m saying? We were very good friends. But no chemistry there. That’s about the only tag team I can think of that we didn’t have good chemistry with. Me and my brother prided ourselves on being able to work with anybody. We prided ourselves on that, but we just never could get the chemistry [with them], because they coming from the ECW style.”

On harcore matches against Public Enemy:

“We were really — we were really kind of upset that WCW would bring these guys in and want them to work with us, and want us to do that kind of bulls**t. And we were adamant about that, that ain’t how we f**king make money. That ain’t how Harlem Heat make money. Harlem Heat make money in the ring with top people. So in essence, you’re putting — in essence you’re pushing ECW right now, if that makes sense. Why don’t you go — you know, you don’t turn WCW into ECW... That’s the kind of stupidity that, as far as I’m concerned, that ran in the ranks of the people that was running s**t in WCW. We’re Harlem Heat, brother. We’re world-class f**king athletes. We don’t do this chickens**t breaking tables, and all this kind of f**king bulls**t. I never wanted to do that. That ain’t what I got into f**king pro wrestling for. I can go to ECW and do that s**t. So by putting us in that kind of stuff, you’re bringing us down to their level. So in essence, you’re bringing WCW down to another wrestling organization’s level. I know they don’t see it like that, but potentially when you put all that stuff together, that is how you look at it. You would never see Vince McMahon doing some s**t like that.”