Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks Giving Donald Trump and The Rock The Stunner

Steve Austin was a recent guest on Barstool Sports podcast where the Rattlesnake shares the story of giving the now President of the United States Donald Trump a Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania 23. Austin recalls that Trump's right hand man initially thought it was a bad idea, but that Trump insisted on taking the move because he thought it would help the show.

Man I tell you what. No but here's how that went down. I was going to be the referee and it was team versus team and whoever's team lost. The head of that team which was Vince[McMahon] and Trump were gonna have to get their head shaved. Of course you knew Donald Trump wasn't going to get his head shaved cuz it's pro wrestling. Vince was gonna get shaved. So all of a sudden Vince comes to me and straight up there this is the way it happened. We're in the back area. 90,000 people out there Ford Field and he goes "Steve come over here. I'm gonna see if I can get Trump take a stunner. I said, "Aw bull shit". I said, " You think he will?" He goes "I know Donald he'll he'll do it." So anyways he goes "Donald, Come over here" and he goes, "Steve this is Donald Trump." "Hey, Mr. Trump. How are you doing?" And I met him. He goes "Listen I was thinking about after everything is all said and done. Steve would hit you with his finished move." "Well what is it." "Well it's called a stunner and it kind of goes like this." And Donald Trump's right hand guy all of a sudden goes, "Oh no no no no you don't need to do that there's a million reasons why you shouldn't do that. And here's why." But Donald said, he looked at Vince, and he goes "You think it'll help the show?" He goes "Oh Donald they'll go crazy." So Donald Trump was was man enough to go out there and now we botched it. It was the slickest stunner that I ever delivered but I give him credit. Just from it. Whatever anyone's opinion is that he did was cool enough and in a Showtime event like that event to go out there and be a part of the show and make people happy. I dug it.

Austin would later be asked about how well The Rock would sell the Stunner, something that Austin was always aware of.

Who would've figured you know that guy hit him with that damn stunner and half time I had to watch out because he'd crash over me. And the Rock, I mean he's always been like 275 and then his legs or whatever careened off the ropes and hit you in the head like god damn that hurts. Who would've thought then as he was flip flopping around to ring for a stunner, now today as we speak he's the biggest movie star in the world. 

You can listen to Austin's full interview here.