Street Profits Discuss Being Role Models For Black Kids In New Interview With The New Day

The WWE Raw tag team champion Street Profts were recent guests on the New Day's Feel the Power podcast to talk all things pro-wrestling. Highlights can be found below.

On being good representatives for black children who watch wrestling:

One other thing that I know that we as a trio definitely try to do our best at is trying to make sure we are representing ourselves as best as we can and another reason why I think we like you guys a lot is because we feel you guys are a great representation of who you are as men, as human men and out there [on-screen], you still portray yourselves as you are,” Woods said. “I’m not trying to say like in real life or blur the lines or anything, but you guys do a good job at being representatives for, I’ll say young Black children who are watching wrestling for the first time because while there were Black wrestlers while we were growing up and watching, it’s nice to see just this generation of guys come in and continue to raise the bar for all of us so, that’s one thing we look to you guys for as well so we appreciate that you guys fight that fight.

On their solo red cup pyro:

Montez Ford: “It was crazy. It was like a birthday celebration. It’s like a party and we’re just like, ‘Ahh!!!’ But I remember they were telling us before SummerSlam, they were like, ‘You guys have solo cups in your entrance.’ I’m like, okay so we’re thinking maybe they’re going to be on the Thunderdome and when they shot ‘em, we were like, ‘Ohhh!!’ It was cool, it was cool.’”

Angelo Dawkins: “I was like, ‘Yeah man, aye that was cool but you know what though? That janitor about to be cleaning up a [ton].’ I was like, ‘Aye! This tight dawg. Aw man, I hope the janitor likes lots and lots of happiness fam.’

Full episode can be found here. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)