Stu Grayson Discusses His Time At AEW, Wishes He Was Featured On TV More

The latest guest for Slam Wrestling was former Dark Order member Stu Grayson, who spoke in-depth about his time in AEW and how he wishes he could have been used more on television so he could truly show the world what he can do. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he wishes he was given more time on TV to show people what he can really do:

“Kenny Omega has tried to work with me since forever. In 13 years I had like 13 matches—something like that—it’s very hard to show the world how good you are in such a limited amount of time. I would trade in a hundred dark matches for 15 minutes on television.”

Why he's okay with being done with AEW:

“I never wanted to get paid to do nothing. I’d rather make less money and be useful than being useless and make a ton of money. That’s not how I am. I need to be challenged. I would go to the gym and hit a massive leg day so that way I’d feel challenged.”