Swerve Strickland Talks Hit Row's Return To WWE

During his recent chat with Under The Ring, former WWE Superstar and current All Elite Wrestling talent Swerve Strickland shared his thoughts on Hit Row's return to WWE. Strickland also discussed each member of the group, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On the WWE return of Hit Row:

“I’m happy to see where it’s at now. I’m happy to see them in the mix, and I’m happy to see those three individuals getting the chance to perform again on that level weekly. Under the Triple H regime, they have more of an opportunity to express, to truly showcase all that they potentially can do on their own… and truly take it to new heights. We got it to the main roster, all four of us got to the main roster. And now I’m excited to see how much further they can take it on their own.”

On each member of the group:

“AJ, Top Dolla is a brilliant mind for a lot of that, for a lot of what we did in the past in NXT and starting up with Smackdown. Top Dolla presented a lot of brilliant ideas and literally formed the template to how all four of us were going to interact on a weekly basis and talk and stuff. He’s truly the Godfather of the Hit Row group, brand. Briana being like the female of the group, three guys and one female, and all four of us can hold our own as far as talking and stuff. She was such a professional, great performer. Barely ever slipped up on a word, barely ever had to do another take on anything. She was just so precise and on point, that it made all of us have to step up our game to perform with her. And Tehuti bringing the swag, and just a different type of like, mellow-type suave character. And then having his background in the military and his actual story as a person, it’s like ‘Man, now you can relate to these guys in such a way that’s like they’re not just performers. These guys are real people.’ And I feel like Ashante brought that to the group.”