Tama Tonga Calls AEW "Petty" For Recent Trademarks, Comments On Okada Potentially Going There

On the latest edition of his Tama's Island podcast NJPW superstar and OG Bullet Club member Tama Tonga spoke about the possibility of top company ace Kazuchika Okada showing up in AEW following rumors that he was "on his way." Hear

Calls AEW petty for trademarking Forbidden Door:

“I saw AEW trademarked [Forbidden Door]. Ya’ll getting real petty with that. Trademarking ‘too sweet’ and ‘forbidden door.’ Ya’ll playing a stupid game that WWE is playing. Come on man, I thought ya’ll were trying to be different. Come on AEW. Tony Khan, you mark, you been in business two years? Where were you four or five years ago? Shut up. You grab the losers to boost the ratings. That’s why you failed at business.”

Says NJPW deserves the credit for allowing this collaboration to happen:

“New Japan is responsible for all of this. If it wasn’t for New Japan, there would be no forbidden door, no KENTA, no FinJuice. Everyone is looking for help and looking towards New Japan. Then they take, take, take, and not a ‘thank you’.”

Doesn't think Okada would degrade himself by going to AEW:

“Okada ain’t going nowhere. Why would he degrade himself to that standard?”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)