Ted DiBiase Wishes The Undertaker Well, Talks Him Introducing The Character

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase recently spoke with WrestleZone where the Million Dollar Man discussed the legacy of the legendary Undertaker. Hear what he had to say below.

Says no one realized how long Taker would last in wrestling:

Mark’s a wonderful guy and when everyone says that [I] introduced him, I did, but the people need to understand that Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man, didn’t ‘bring’ The Undertaker into the WWE. My introducing him was all part of the character and his character, and so at the time, I recognized his skill, but I don’t think that anybody realized just how long he would go. It’s funny because in the last couple of years, the only time I would see him would be at WrestleMania since it’s the one time we all get together, and every year I go, ‘Well, Mark, when are you going to retire?’[laughs] That kept being the question, ‘when are you really going to hang it up?’

Thinks it's remarkable how good Taker was even at his age:

It’s to his credit that he’s gone so long, and the thing that always amazed me was for him to be The Undertaker and his movement, the motion, he’s like this ‘monster’ guy, and he’s moving around but he’s not moving around at the same pace as the other wrestlers. He’s getting over, he’s doing what he can do, and he’s doing it basically at half the speed of everybody else. That was always remarkable to me, how he could always pull that off. The character is great, and not only that, but the individual is a wonderful guy and I wish him all of the best.