Tegan Nox On Who She Would Like To Team Up With In NXT Once She Returns

Tegan Nox is one of the most agile and explosive Superstars in NXT and she is beloved by both the WWE Universe as well as her fellow NXT Superstars, but unfortunately she has had several injuries that is the detriment to her eventual rise and push. Tegan Nox recently appeared on WWE's The Bump, where she talked about her recovery process and how she has been doing. Nox also talked about planning her come back and making an impact when she returns.

Tegan Nox said:

“It’s going well! It’s not my first rodeo, as we all know, but it’s been a little bit easier this time. I’m just biding my time on when to come back and try to make an impact this time.”

Nox then talked about who she would like to team up with in NXT and go after the NXT Women's Tag Team Titles with once she returns.

Tegan Nox said:

“See, that’s the thing: friends don’t end well for me. They always attack me. So, trying to find a partner is [shakes her head], oof. I don’t know. I’d like to have an Io [Shirai]. I think that could be quite interesting. Any gold is good for me.”

Nox then talked about wanting to face Raquel Gonzalez down the line, while also revealing that she is scared of her as she is really powerful and indestructible.

Tegan Nox said:

“She’s incredible. The strength in her is ridiculous.” “She was around the Performance Center when I came in, and just seeing her evolve from then to now as this immovable object, she’s indestructible. It’s mind-blowing to see. I’ll have a good go of beating her, but I’m also scared ’cause that powerbomb really, really hurts.”

Nox also responded to Ryan Pappolla's comments that she has defeated González in the past.

Tegan Nox said:

“See, I forgot about that. That’s a surprise for me. I can do it!

You can check out Tegan Nox's comments in the video below: