"Terrace House" Incident That Led to Hana Kimura's Suicide Was Apparently Staged

-- The incident on the reality show “Terrace House” in Japan that ultimately led to the suicide death of Hana Kimura was apparently all staged based on details that Hana shared with her mother and a close friend. In messages she sent to both, Kimura claimed that she was pressured to act aggressive and that the incident where she lost her cool after her ring outfit was ruined was scripted to make for better television and better ratings. Kimura noted to her mother and friend that she wanted to act professionally on camera, but the producers wanted her - as a pro wrestler - to play up a heel wrestling personality and exaggerate her anger. They also wanted her to slap Kai Kobayashi - the man who was responsible for her outfit getting ruined - but Kimura didn’t want to do that and instead simply slapped his hat off. Unfortunately, even that level of anger generated considerable heat towards her online, leading to cyberbullying and ultimately her suicide. Terrace House has since been cancelled.