Tony Khan On Being A Wrestling Advocate, AEW Connecting With Younger Fans

AEW President Tony Khan issued a statement on his Twitter earlier today commenting on his love of the pro-wrestling industry. Khan states that he's been an advocate for the sport as long as he can remember, and is thrilled that the AEW product is connecting with the fanbase, especially younger fans.

Since I was a kid I’ve tried to spread the love of wrestling. Back then I wanted more people to watch wrestling & talk with. Now I’m blessed to work with great people in #AEW to create fun matches & stories, & I ask the same of you, to please try to spread your love for wrestling

Thank you to all of the fans of any age who support #AEW; I’m grateful for every fan we have. This week, we did our biggest 18-34 audience for #AEWDynamite in months. I’m thankful for any fan of any age, but we all know how important it is for wrestling to find new young fans.

Long before AEW, as a fan many times I went to bat for wrestling & then when I convinced friends to turn it on, it was cringeworthy. I don’t want that for you if you support AEW. If you convince friends or family to watch Dynamite, we want AEW to make you (& wrestling) look good!

You can see his full statement below.