Tony Khan Celebrates AEW Dynamite Being Chosen As One Of TV Guide's Top 100 Shows

AEW's weekly episodic Dynamite on TNT is featured in TV Guide's "100 Best Shows on Television Right Now" coming in at #57. The spot reads, "AEW Dynamite's arrival was an electric jolt to mainstream wrestling, which had gotten creatively stagnant over the last few years. Each two-hour-long episode serves up an action-packed spectacle with gripping matches, a dynamic roster of eclectic characters we haven't previously seen at this professional level, and creative storytelling that keeps fans on their toes. From Cody Rhodes' career-defining promo to Nyla Rose's groundbreaking championship win to Chris Jericho's viral champagne joke, Dynamite not only lives up to the name but also represents the best of what today's wrestling has to offer."

Company president Tony Khan celebrated the news on Twitter by writing, "It’s an honor for @AEWrestling that #AEWDynamite was chosen by @TVGuide as one of the current Top 100 Shows. With so many excellent shows across so many channels & platforms, we’re grateful that Dynamite was in their Top 100! See you Wednesday live on TNT!"

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