Tony Khan Has High Praise For NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal's Match In AEW, On Shaq Backstage

AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke with Josh Martinez about getting to work with retired NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal in the promotion, crediting the Diesel for putting on a fantastic match and being incredibly kind and humble to the AEW talents backstage. Highlights from Khan's interview can be found below.

Has high praise for the work Shaquille O'Neal did in AEW last year:

You know, we’ve probably never had better guests in AEW than Shaq. He was so great on every level to us and you know, not just a hard worker and put on a great wrestling match, but also backstage, the most humble person we’ve ever had in the history of the company in terms of coming in.

Says Shaq was one of the most humble superstars he's ever been around:

He went around and thanked every wrestler and it was unbelievable to all these pro wrestlers to have Shaq coming up to them and saying nice things but also saying, you know, ‘I did my best out there. I hope I didn’t embarrass anybody. I just want to make pro wrestling look good because I like wrestling’ and to hear that from Shaq of all people, one of the biggest sports starts of all-time, one of the greatest athletes ever, that was so cool.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)