Tony Khan Reveals That He Had "Handshake" Deals With CM Punk, Bryan Danielson & Adam Cole

-- Speaking to the media after a very successful All Out PPV, AEW President Tony Khan spoke about his blockbuster free agent signings of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole and Ruby Soho and how things gradually came together. He also revealed that he had handshake deals with most of them until the very end as the two sides put a lot of trust in each other.

"I didn't have everything exactly, I really didn't have everything into place until we got there. I think you've all heard the story, which is true, that Punk didn't actually sign anything until that night. But we had a handshake and I trusted him. Same thing with Bryan. I think Bryan just signed. I trust him. You know...we have a good relationship and we built that. Same with Austin...Adam Cole."

"With Adam Cole, with Bryan Danielson, with CM Punk, with Ruby Soho...with all these great stars, I wasn't sure everything was going to fall into place but they all just kind of one by one starting to look more likely. You know when something's like...this could happen and then every day it starts to look a little bit better, a little bit better and it's like Mr. Punk said... I don't know if there's a day I could put my finger on all these things and when they all were gonna hit. They just kept looking a little bit better every day and definitely every good conversation I had with each of them I felt a little bit better about what we were doing tonight."