Tony Khan Says He Hasn't Talked to Former Bray Wyatt About Joining AEW

-- The former Bray Wyatt was released by WWE at the end of July and his future in wrestling has been something that has been speculated for a few weeks but there hasn't been any real movement or direction on where he would potentially land. AEW was seen as a logical destination but President Tony Khan indicated earlier today that the two sides haven't really talked about him signing with the promotion. Speaking on WFAN's Moose & Maggie, Khan was asked if Wyatt could be the next huge signing for AEW and had this to say:

"He's a great wrestler, and I got to be honest, we haven't really talked at all. I've known him in personal life and I've gotten to spend a little bit of time with him. But as far as that...we haven't talked. I saw lots of rumors but that's not something anybody's really talked about. But I think, you never know."