Tony Khan Talks About Plans To Bring AEW Live Events To Canada In Near Future

All Elite Wrestling will soon be coming to Canada.

Tony Khan spoke about plans for AEW to visit the region for live events while appearing as an invited speaker at Collision, a tech conference in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada that runs until Thursday.

Featured below are some of the highlights of topics Tony Khan touched on while discussing AEW coming to Canada at the Collision tech conference in Toronto earlier this week.

On plans to bring AEW live events and television / pay-per-view shows to Canada in the near future: "We’re all back on the road this past year and we’ve been all over America, but I do look forward to bringing AEW live events to Canada soon. I think we have a chance to really build a strong presence, not only what we’ve established on television with TSN, but also with live events for the fans."

On AEW having a lot of high-profile Canadian wrestlers and a strong presence on Canadian television via TSN: "We have a lot of great Canadian wrestlers and I’m excited about the possibility of our live events here because we’ve had great success on TV here."

On choosing specific venues to host AEW live events in Canada coming down to a handful of key factors: "Most important thing is quality of the arena for the fans and the wrestlers and the staff, and then followed by the size for the opportunity to create revenue."

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