A Trip To The Hospital Following The Main Event At NXT's New Year's Evil

According the WWE NXT's social media outlet, currently Kyle O'Reilly and Finn Balor are on their way to the hospital where O'Reilly currently getting his jaw x-rayed and Balor is "getting his arm checked out".

The Finn Balor vs. Kyle O'Reilly re-match was the main event of tonight's action-packed WWE NXT "New Year's Evil" special episode which was the first episode of 2021. During the main event, Balor focused on the jaw of O'Reilly more often than not and the match ended seemingly abruptly with Finn Balor retaining the WWE NXT Championship title.

With the match just shy of 18 minutes (with NO commercial breaks during the main event match-up) Balor get busted open and bled from his head closer to the end of the match while O'Reilly took several shots to the jaw.

WWE just announced that both competitors were taken to a local hospital after New Year's Evil went off the air. It was noted that O'Reilly is getting x-rays of his jaw, while Balor is getting his arm checked out.

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