Triple H Holds Another Talent Meeting Prior to Tonight's WWE Raw

-- Just as he did prior to last week's WWE Friday Night Smackdown, CCO Paul "HHH" Levesque addressed talent prior to tonight's Monday Night Raw, covering much the same topics he did on Friday. The meeting was led by Levesque with Kevin Dunn and Dan Ventrelle, the new EVP of Talent, joining him.

-- The meeting was said to be a short one again with the main emphasis being that business is going forward as usual in the company, despite Vince McMahon's return. Levesque stressed that he is still the CCO and that while McMahon and he may consult on scenarios, the final decision on creative and talent rests with him. He also used the time to shoot down the rumors of a WWE sale to the Saudi Arabia PIF, noting that any sale will be a lengthy process and not something that will simply happen overnight.