Tyson Dux Comments On Portraying Chris Benoit In Dark Side Of The Ring

Viceland's hit series Dark Side of the Ring returns this Tuesday at 9pm EST with the highly-anticipated story on Chris Benoit, which will be airing in two parts. Part one has already been released early on Youtube, and covers all the events leading up to Benoit's double murder/suicide, including the death of best friend Eddie Guerrero.

Pro-wrestler Tyson Dux plays Chris Benoit during the reenactment scenes of the documentary. He's worked all over the world, including several stints in WWE, most recently in the 2016 cruiserweight classic tournament. He took to Twitter to comment on his experience playing the former world champion.

It was an honour to play Benoit. I idolized him growing up. He is the reason I wanted to be a pro wrestler. To be apart of this was surreal. If you haven’t yet check this out.