Update: AEW Dynamite Will Air on Both TNT and TruTV

-- Tonight's edition of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite is going to see some changes due to the ongoing MLB playoffs. Because the Braves/Cards game on TBS could run long, Turner will air the Dodgers/Nationals game on TNT should that happen. The problem here is that Dynamite is scheduled to hit the air on TNT at 8 PM ET and if the baseball game has to be moved there, Dynamite will be pre-empted until the game ends and then will be joined in progress.

-- As a mitigation step, Dynamite is also slated to air live in full on affiliate network TruTV, regardless of what happens with baseball so in theory there is going to be at least some portion of time where Dynamite is airing on two networks at once, perhaps for the entire duration if the baseball game ends on time. This could potentially help viewership numbers, but ultimately will depend greatly on when exactly the baseball game ends and how much Dynamite (if any) is pre-empted on TNT.

-- The replay at 10 PM on TNT will air as planned.