Update On Cody's Condition After Suffering Multiple Injuries At AEW Full Gear Pay-Per-View

The cut that Cody suffered during his AEW World's Heavyweight Championship match against Chris Jericho at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view on Saturday was legitimately a lot worse than fans may have realized.

AEW announced that Cody needed eight stitches after the show to close the wound, and that he suffered a costochondral (rib) separation. The statement also noted that Cody is not currently cleared to compete in any in-ring action.

It is unclear when Cody suffered the rib injury. Generally the recovery time associated with such an injury is three to four weeks.

The laceration Cody suffered near his right eye occurred when he dove over the top rope and landed head-first on the entrance ramp, which was virtually level with the ring.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com reported that AEW actually considered stopping the match at the point when the cut occurred, as they left it up to the doctor's discretion and ultimately, as we all saw, the decision was made for the bout to continue.

Check out close-up photos of Cody's cut after getting eight stitches following AEW Full Gear on Saturday night by clicking HERE.

For several, exclusive close-up photos of Cody's face as soon as the cut happened, shortly after it started pouring blood and when the doctor checked on him, as well as photos of the exact moment the cut and the rib injury occurred by clicking here.