Update On MLW Storylines

Major League Wrestling may not be able to film any new shows due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean they're not pushing their main storyline forward.

For weeks the company's top faction Contra Unit, which is led by the MLW heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu, had been teasing a company takeover. The group's spokesman Josef Samael hinted at Contra soldiers surfacing all across the world "to prepare for the upcoming war." At the conclusion of last Saturday's Fusion, Contra pushed forward with their plan, attacking top superstars within the company, including number one contender Davey Boy Smith Jr.

According to the Wrestling Observer, MLW will continue to push this takeover through their social media channels and use it as an explanation for not being able to produce any new shows. In the meantime...MLW will air their Anthology series beginning this weekend.