Various Planned Segments/Promos on Tonight's Rumble Kickoff Show (Spoilers)

Here's some stuff that is scheduled to go down during the Royal Rumble Kick Off show:

In a backstage segment, Mandy and Sonya Deville will tease that they won't have each others' backs in the Royal Rumble.

R-Truth will make a joke that he and Carmella will be #30 in the Elimination Chamber match. Carmella then says that they will have the world's largest dance break at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman attempts to floss.

Alexa Bliss seems to confirm that the winner of the Royal Rumble will get to pick which champion they face at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan has a pre-taped interview in the seats of Chase Field (which is empty). He talks about the Chase Field "Royal Rumble Burger" and condems people for eating it.

Lio Rush shoots a video on his cell phone of Bobby Lashley doing some sprints and displays of strength in the outfield wall area. Lashley thinks he's gonna go to WrestleMania and points at the sign.

Nikki Cross promo in the dugout area.

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Scott Dawson & Rezar is announced.

The first match of Royal Rumble will be Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

And for anyone interested, here's the gist of Daniel Bryan's interview:

Daniel Bryan interview will go something like this:

- He's going to say everyone will be herded into the stadium and squeeze into these seats and cheer for AJ Styles and yet the place will be empty because those people lead empty lives like all of us.

- We try to fill the emptiness with fickle digital affirmations, cheap consumer goods and deep-fried, processed poisons. But it's never enough.

- Holds up the Chase Field Royal Rumble Burger - do you know how many animals gave their lives so that this could exist? Animals with more complex emotions than you'd ever lead. Shame. But after you've filled your bellies, you still lead empty lives.

- He then throws the burger to the ground and stomps over it.