Velvet Sky On NWA's Empowerrr Event And Who She Wishes Was On The Show

Velvet Sky recently appeared on Wrestling Inc.'s Daily podcast, where she spoke about NWA's all-women Empowerrr Event and what it means for the women in the industry.

Velvet Sky said:

“It’s going to give a lot of women who are up-and-comers on the independent scene a shot to shine and to get noticed and get their name out there and maybe get a job in the NWA or for some other company.”

“They’ll watch and think, ‘She has good looks. She is good in the ring. Let’s see what her story is.’ I’m excited about that because it will showcase women. It’s the first time the NWA has done anything like this. It will be pretty iconic. Mickie has a pretty good say [from what I understand] and is making phone calls to female wrestlers for that show.”

Velvet Sky then talked about who she wishes was on the show.

Velvet Sky said:

“Angelina [Love] is doing phenomenal with Ring of Honor.” “She is under contract, but I kind of wish she wasn’t so she could come over to the NWA. I think it would be fun for me to call those matches.”

“I don’t know a lot of the newer up-and-coming indie girls because I’ve fallen out of the loop of wrestling. Pretty much everyone [I can think of] is under contract with AEW, WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor. Chelsea Green just debuted for Ring of Honor. I feel like everyone out there that I know female-wise is already scooped up with a major company. But I’m glad [Empower] is going to give girls their time to shine.”

You can check out Velvet Sky's comments in the video below: