Vince Russo On Jinder Mahal: "I'm A Huge Jinder Mahal Fan"

During last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, former WWE and United States Champion Jinder Mahal made his return to the show.

After WWE’s flagship show came to a close, Vince Russo expressed disappointment in the way Mahal has been booked over the years. Russo told his Legion of RAW listeners:

"I'm a huge Jinder Mahal fan. When this guy was champ, he did nothing wrong. He was a great heel, they hated him, he looks the part... he got derailed for no reason. Obviously, he's injury-prone so that doesn't help him... He is a character bro,"

After Vince wrapped up his opening comments on the “Modern Day Maharaja”, his co-host stated that Mahal reminds him of “old-school heels from the past”. Russo agreed, and said:

"He played the part, he looked the part, he had all kinds of heat when they came out with the rug and then they pulled the rug out from under him.”

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)