W. Morrissey Reveals That He Has Made Amends With AEW Star After 2019 Backstage Incident

IMPACT star W. Morrissey recently appeared on Sean Waltman's Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast to discuss his path towards recovery, and the importance of making amends with those he had wronged in his life. During the interview the seven-foot man revealed that he squashed the beef between himself and AEW star Joey Janela following a backstage incident at a WrestlePro event in 2019, where Morrissey threatened to kill Janela before he was punched by Pat Buck. Highlights are below.

On making amends with those that he wronged:

I could easily talk the talk, but it's walking the walk. The best amends you can make is living a healthy and fulfilling life. That's when people really believe, especially those that you have really hurt. Family members who were close to the situation. An apology doesn't mean as much to them as me getting better and healthier. That's what they love to see and that's why the amends process takes a while.

Says he squashed his beef with Janela:

I spoke to Joey the weekend of WrestleMania at GCW. I did a show and spoke to Joey. We're really cool. We buried the hatchet. That was one that I genuinely needed to apologize to the guy in person. I like to do things face-to-face and was looking forward to going to the show. I didn't know if he was going to be there. I know he's associated (with GCW) and was hoping he would be there. I happened to walk in and we started talking right away. I was super happy about that. He's as cool as can be and I appreciate him being super understanding.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)