Wardlow Comments On Comparisons Between The Pinnacle & Evolution Storyline Arcs (Video)

The Pinnacle and Evolution.

Many have pointed to the similarities to the story arcs between The Pinnacle and Evolution, in terms of the comparisons between the rise of Batista and Wardlow.

Regarding comparisons between the Evolution and Pinnacle story arcs, the Wardlow offered the following response while speaking with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports.

“The crazy thing that we did without even realizing it. We kind of mirrored it in a way. It was very different, but also the same. The crazy thing is this wasn’t my idea. I didn’t have any say so in this. It just organically happened. My career just seems to be mimicking a little bit of a Batista’s. You can compare The Pinnacle to Evolution and you can compare myself and Max to Triple H and Batista. It has really unfolded very similar to how that did. It’s a real special thing because we didn’t plan it that way.”

Check out the complete interview below, or at YouTube.com. H/T to WrestlingHeadlines.com for transcribing the above quotes.