Wild Boar On The Two Things He Developed During His Time In The WWE

Former WWE NXT UK Star Wild Boar appeared on the Ringsiders Wrestling program to talk about a variety of topics such as the two things he developed during his time in the WWE.

Wild Boar said:

“Two things I really feel like I’ve developed: Confidence [during my time working with NXT UK coaches]. Confidence in being in-ring. I was confident before, but now it’s a different type of confidence. It’s really hard for me to explain to even myself to be honest. I can’t put a finger on why I’m more confident but I just am. Maybe it’s a pressure thing. I feel like if you’re put in a certain situation which is high pressure, unless the next situation is higher than that, probably gonna be — the pressure isn’t gonna be that much on you therefore you’re more confident if that makes sense and then the other point is that I found my voice to an extent, right? Before going in, I really shied away from talking of any kind and then when you’re there and obviously, you’re working with people like William Regal who’s giving you advice on talking in front of a camera and you work with other certain people who were there and they give you certain tips… Like working with some of the other talent who were already pretty good at speaking, coming out of there, I’m so much more confident with being able to speak and I feel like me as a wrestler is so much more well-rounded these days and that increases my passion to wanna be able to get out there on the independents and so… I look at me now, that’s my feeling on it.”

Wild Boar also talked about his thoughts on the upcoming WWE NXT Europe brand.

Wild Boar said:

“It [NXT Europe] was kind of briefly mentioned towards the end when the call came [WWE release]. But we didn’t know too much about it to be honest with you. Still don’t. I think that’s the feeling to be honest [that former NXT UK talents could return for NXT Europe]. If you’re gonna be sensible with it, if you’re gonna look at it from a real life circumstance, you don’t know what point in your life you’re gonna be in if an offer comes along. So I can’t say ‘yes’, I can’t say ‘no’. All I’m saying is, regardless if I’m involved or not, I feel like NXT Europe could be a pretty cool thing. Looking at the Clash at the Castle thing, there’s obviously an investment in doing more in this country… Just thinking about how Triple H has been handling WWE and stuff lately. He’s just gone in, isn’t he? He’s gone right for [it], let’s go.”

You can check out Wild Boar's full comments in the video below. H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes.