William Regal Talks Triple H Explaining To Him His Early Vision Of NXT

Former AEW Star and professional wrestling legend William Regal recently appeared on the "Distraction Pieces" Podcast to discuss a number of topics such as WWE Head of Creative Triple H explaining to him his early vision of NXT.

William Regal said:

“As far as I know, I was the first person that knew anything about [the changes] apart from obviously his wife or Mr. McMahon. ‘What’s your vision?’ ‘This is my vision.’ ‘Well, let’s go and do it.’ And with this incredible team that we had around us to help — it was a small team. ‘Right, so, there’s the vision. Let’s go.’”

William Regal also discussed how the early vision of the WWE NXT brand came from Triple H and himself watching Boardwalk Empire and how no character seemed to be out of place in any of the shows.

William Regal said:

“I could say the vision; the vision was we were both watching, at the time, Boardwalk Empire. And he said, ‘You know when you see wrestling that people have whatever their ideas of wrestling are. … You can have funny stuff, obviously, the stories are going on and there can be all kinds of violence. Just well-told stories. You will never see anybody in any of those shows like Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire, from the smallest to the biggest of roles, that looks out of place. That’s the vision.’”

You can check out William Regal's full comments at this link. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.