World Famous CB Discusses Ring of Honor's Current Relationship With New Japan

ROH star World Famous CB was a recent guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how he hopes ROH works with more companies in the future and what the promotion's current relationship is with NJPW. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he would love to see ROH work with more companies:

“I would love to see us work with more companies again. It’s very tough with the pandemic. I understand just wanting to keep things in-house right now, but definitely when things open up, I would like to see us get back to work with New Japan, CMLL or even working with AEW or Impact in some capacity. I think the more people in wrestling can work together, the better it is for everybody, even if it’s not a full working relationship but just being cordial with each other is just better for everybody. It creates more opportunities and more eyes on each product. Our New Japan relationship was very successful, and it was an awesome thing to have. That allowed me to go Japan and allowed me to wrestle with my idols, and wrestle with cool people and meet some cool people. It was an awesome time when we had that that full-on relationship. I would love to see us work with some other companies again.”

On the relationship between NJPW and ROH:

“As far as I’m aware, we still have a very solid relationship. Some of our guys are still going to NJPW Strong. We’ve had people like Rocky come in for tapings, and I think David Finlay was in the the first Pure tournament as well. So as far as I’m aware, the relationship is still ongoing.”