WrestleCon Canceled, Fans & Wrestlers Band Together After Marriott Wants Their Bill

-- After WWE moved to cancel WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, FL, the promoters of WrestleCon were also forced to cancel their event scheduled for the weekend of the PPV. While they have stated that all customers who bought tickets will be refunded via a lengthy and manual process, the promoters are at odds with Marriott International, the parent company of the hotel host of the event. In a tweet that was shared online yesterday, Marriott is still billing the promoters over $114,000 since the hotel is still prepared to move forward with the event and that by canceling during "heavy demand dates", the hotel will suffer financial damages.

-- AEW wrestler Chris Jericho was the first major wrestler to tweet about it, shaming Marriott while at the same time giving WrestleCon some advice and props:

Hey @wrestlecon, no court in the world would force u to pay this bill AND if we go into city wide lockdowns, they won’t have a leg to stand on anyway. In the meantime shame on u @Marriott for taking this stance in such an uncertain time! I have tons of fans who feel the same way.

-- WWE wrestler Kevin Owens also chimed in as well:

Before I made it to WWE, the folks at @HighspotsWN helped me provide for my family with events like @wrestlecon.
Considering the circumstances and as a Titanium Elite member myself, I’m disappointed and truly disgusted by what @Marriott is trying to do to those guys. Shameful!

-- WrestleCon has since tweeted that they have hopes that once this is escalated to the head office, things will work out: