WrestleMania 38: Night 1 Results (4/2/2022) - The KO Show With Kevin Owens & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The video package for our next segment airs, as we prepare for the highly anticipated WrestleMania-sized edition of The KO Show.

With that said, the events leading up to tonight's installment of The KO Show with Kevin Owens and his special guest, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin are shown.

The KO Show With Kevin Owens & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Once the video package wraps up, we return live inside AT&T Stadium for this segment, which fans have been looking forward to for a while now.

We hear the familiar sounds of Kevin Owens' theme song and out he comes as Jimmy Smith and Corey Graves / Byron Saxton hype up this segment.

Smith does a quick promotional-read for Snickers, one of the presenting sponsors for night one of "The Most Stupendous Two-Night WrestleMania in History."

Meanwhile, Owens has settled inside the squared circle, which is decked out with chairs and posters for The KO Show.

His music cuts off and the fans are going absolutely bonkers as they await the segment to get underway. Owens soaks in the moment as the roar from the fans grows even louder.

Now we hear some insanely loud "Austin! Austin!" chants. Owens begins talking by bringing up the fact that he said a lot of mean things about Texas.

The fans give him the old-school "Stone Cold" treatment with the "What?!" chants after each statement he makes into the mic. Owens talks about referring to Texas as the ass of the body known as U.S.A.

He goes on to apologize -- for telling the absolute god's honest truth about the pathetic state that he is in right now. He says he's been in Texas a couple of days and it's actually worse than he remembered.

As Owens continues to verbally bash the state of Texas, we hear the glass -- which as any Attitude Era fan knows -- means it's Owens' ass.

The theme for the WWE Hall of Fame legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin continues to play for what seems like an eternity before finally, as Owens takes a seat in one of the chairs in the ring, we see Austin come flying out on his trademark four-wheeler.

He rides it down to the ring and poses on all four corners while chugging some Steveweisers and soaking in the moment. He's also already soaking in beer for the most part.

Austin's theme fades down and we hear the fans chanting for "Stone Cold," only for Owens to command them to stop and then he refuses to let Austin to speak. He says this is his show.

He tells Austin to take a seat. He tells Austin, who hasn't said a word nor broken his stare, to calm down. He once again suggests that he take a seat. Austin calmly does exactly that. Owens thanks him for coming on his show.

Austin says you're welcome and then asks if he brought him on his show to have a conversation. He then proceeds to insult Owens with a bunch of adjectives, stopping to let the fans react with loud "What?!" chants in response.

"The Texas Rattlesnake" now quiets down as Owens begins speaking again. He's once again critical of Texas, insulting the belt buckles, cowboy boots and other Texas-style clothing items that Texans often wear.

He says Texans should act more like Canadians and even suggested they just leave and go to Mexico, noting, "it's right there!" while pointing down.

Owens then reveals why he really wanted to get "Stone Cold" on The KO Show tonight at WrestleMania 38: Night 1, admitting that it was not just to have a conversation with the WWE legend.

No. He invited him to be on The KO Show tonight because he is, in fact, looking for a fight. He goes on for a couple of minutes trying to convince Austin to fight him right here on the spot.

Austin picks his mic back up and begins to speak again. He ultimately decides he's ready to fight as well. He tells a referee to get his ass in the ring.

Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens

Owens and Austin each stand up and grab the chairs they were sitting in and throw them over the ropes and out to the floor. Both guys back in opposing corners and the bell sounds.

Folks, for the first time in several years we are going to see Steve Austin involved in a match, at WrestleMania no-less! Austin and Owens go nose-to-nose in the center of the ring.

Austin ends up firing away with big punches, knocking Owens down and getting him in the corner of the ring. He proceeds to "stomp a mud-hole in his ass and walk it dry."

He picks Owens back up and flips him off right in his grill before whipping him into the opposing corner on the other side of the ring. Owens bounces out of the corner and slumps down on the mat a lifeless soul.

Austin calls for a Steveweiser, and a beer is tossed to him from ringside. He walks over to Owens in this corner of the ring and begins stomping the hell out of him yet again.

He then tosses Owens like a rag-doll over the top-rope, where he crashes and burns on the floor at ringside as Austin calls for another beer. His beer-handler once again obliges.

Once on the floor, we see Austin reversed into the barricade by Owens, however he comes right off it and clotheslines Owens down to the floor.

Owens finally starts to mount some offense, bouncing Austin off the floor and going to work on him before retrieving a table from underneath the ring.

Before Owens can use the table, however, Austin recovers and sends Owens flying into the barricade. He launches him over the barricade and heads out after him.

The fight is now continuing throughout the crowd in front of the near 80,000 fans inside AT&T Stadium. As the action continues in the crowd, we see Owens shift the momentum in his favor as he connects with a scary suplex onto the exposed concrete floor.

We see replays of Austin bouncing off said-concrete and then return live to see Owens kicking "The Texas Rattlesnake" in the ribs. Austin eventually gets back up and the two began trading punches as the crowd continues to go nuts all around them.

They duke it out back-and-forth as they continue to walk their way back near the barricade at ringside. Austin ends up grabbing hold of Owens and launching him over the barricade.

He crashes and burns on the top of the announce table and then heads over to stand on top of it himself with Owens laid out at his feet. He chugs another beer and then drops down to deliver some ground-and-pound to Owens as the fans count along with each shot that lands.

Austin ends up getting beaten down after Owens makes it back to his feet. He heads over to the four-wheeler that Austin rode to the ring from the back. He sits on it with intentions of driving it somewhere, but Austin comes up and stops him.

"Stone Cold" now takes a seat on his own four-wheeler and loads Owens up on it as well. He suplexes Owens on the stage, which elicits a big pop from the fans.

The two trade shots and Austin gets the better of the exchange, as they make their way back down to the ring. Once in the ring, Austin calls for a couple more beers and begins sucking them down while the crowd goes nuts.

Owens ends up recovering during Austin's beverage break, which nearly cost "Stone Cold" the match, as Owens pops up and connects with a "Stone Cold Stunner" on the man who popularized the move himself. He goes for the cover, but ultimately doesn't finish him off.

Instead, Austin grabs a chair and blasts Owens with it. He follows up with a "Stone Cold Stunner" of his own and scores the three-count to secure the victory in his shocking impromptu comeback match.

Once the match wraps up, the Beer Bash begins as Austin chugs a bunch of "Steveweisers" as the fans cheer like crazy. He then watches as Byron Saxton enters ring to join him and have a beer together.

Instead, as they both lean back to chug, Austin blasts Saxton with a boot to the gut and hits him with a "Stone Cold Stunner."

His brother enters the ring and they clash beers. His brother exits the ring and Austin continues drinking and saluting the crowd. That's how night one of WrestleMania 38 goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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