WrestleMania Raw Raw Live Results (March 28, 2022): PPG Paints Arena - Pittsburgh, PA

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Our official preview is up, and tonight's go-home edition of Raw is loaded. Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro will play special hosts to the Bloodline's own SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Usos. Also on hand will be Universal Champion Roman Reigns as well as WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. After the two had words this past Friday--and with more words to come this Friday, ahead of their Sunday night match--what words could the two possibly have in store for each other tonight?

Also on tap for tonight is tag team action as the Street Profits face the Alpha Academy, and Ripley & Morgan team up with Banks & Naomi to take on Women's Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina & Carmella and the team of Natalya & Baszler in eight-women tag action. Lucha-legend Rey Mysterio will be in action against the Miz. After the Miz ripped off Rey's mask last week, can Mysterio channel his inner Rey Misterio, Jr. and punish the Miz?

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw!

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So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WrestleMania Raw Raw Live Results (March 28, 2022): PPG Paints Arena - Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to Monday Night WrestleMania Raw!

Jimmy Smith welcomes us to Pittsburgh, our last stop on the Road to WrestleMania for the red brand--and literal, physical last stop.

WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is Here!

"Cowboy" Brock Orton makes his way out to a initial big pop then a pretty quiet Pittsburgh. Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, Jimmy Smith and special guest Michael Cole are on commentary tonight as Lesnar takes his time smiling like a fool for the cameras. We then get a quick video that touched lightly on the recent encounters between Lesnar and Reigns. Five minutes later, Lesnar speaks, telling the crowd that their dubya dubya E champ is in the house. "I'm sorry, I gotta do this--see, for the last twenty years, that loudmouth Paul Heyman has been doing all the yapping for me but I gotta do this for ya tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! ...That felt good but it felt like it sucked," he says with a chuckle, vowing to never doing that again. He states what he doesn't suck at is handing out "country ass-kickings."
He goes on to address Sunday's WrestleMania 38 Night Two main event. "See Roman, this Sunday--this is a spoiler now--we're gonna take a trip down memory lane." When the crowd goes "what" he tells them that they can play along like that if they want. "We're gonna take a trip down the street to Suplex City, and then I'm gonna introduce you to the ol' Beast of Broadway. After that--play along,t hat's alright--we're gonna hit the carnival. We're gonna go for a ride on the F5 and ain't nobody survives a rive on the F5. Yeah, Steve'll be there, too, Steve Austin. He's an ass kicker like me, too, but he didn't kick my ass." Burn! "After our carnival ride, now, this is where our party really starts. Roman, we're gonna hit a wedding. We're gonna be wedding crashers! My title is gonna marry your title and it's gonna have a baby, the Unified title! And I get full custody," and the crowd pops this big time, haha. "I'm in a great mood tonight because...in six days, at WrestleMania, i finally get my hands on Roman Reigns. See there's no more running, Roman, there's nowhere to hide this Sunday. This Sunday at WrestleMania, I'm going to stand above you with two titles and I'm going to raise them to the sky and they will chant 'ladies and gentlemen, your new reigning, defending, unified heavyweight champion of the world, Brock Lesnar!'" And the Beast leaves to a lovely pop.

The Miz and "Lucha Logan" Paul Address Rey Mysterio

The Miz is out first as Corey Graves recaps last Monday's shenanigans, including the Miz hitting a Skull-Crushing Finale on Rey before jacking his sacred lucha mask. The Miz promised to give it to Logan Paul and dared him to wear it on Raw tonight. We head to a break with the question no one wanted to have answered finally being answered. When we return from a break, the Miz hypes his theft of Mysterio's mask and introduces the "greatest luchadore" in history, "Lucha Logan" Paul. Paul comes out wearing Rey's stolen mask. The Miz then cuts a small promo against the Miz, threatening to take Rey's mask again at WrestleMania so he can have a mask of his own. The Mysterios make their way out and attack. The ref ejects Dominik after Dom uses a spinebuster. The ref then calls for the bell, allowing Logan Paul to remain at ringside as Dom heads up the ramp.

Singles Match: the Miz w/ "Lucha Logan" Paul vs Rey Mysterio

We get right to action and the Miz takes an early lead as we quickly head to a commercial break. We return for only a few moments of offense, with the Miz briefly in control until Rey can roll him up and steal the win. Dom then hit the ring and "Lucha Logan" looked on as the Mysterios hit dual 619's on the Miz, followed up by stereo Frog Splash attacks. The post-match attack had twice as much action as the abysmal, short match.
Your Winner, Rey Mysterio!

Seth Rollins Met Mr. McMahon

We're promised to have all of the "delicious details" that went down earlier today filled in after this commercial break. We're informed of Seth Rollins' meeting with Vince McMahon this morning after having threatened last week to hold Raw hostage until he received a WrestleMania match. It was reported earlier today that Seth was informed that he'll face a mystery opponent at WrestleMania. We head to break. Afterwards, we finally cut to some crappy muzak playing as Seth Rollins arrives at the WWE Headquarters (in a pre-recorded vignette). Seth gets impatient as he's forced to wait. At 9:05am EST, he's told he may now enter Vince's office. He does and greets Vince, who seems disinterested. Vince is busy tearing up tonight's script (presumably) and tells Rollins to get his feet off Vince's table. Rollins asks Vince to cut to the chase and "get it over with. Is there gonna be a fine? A suspension? Gonna ban me from Raw, gonna ban me from Wrestlemania? You know what? I know what it is...it's none of those things. Let me do it for you." He impersonates Vince firing him (Rollins.) Vince tells Seth that he didn't bring him in to fire him, but instead he comments on "a lot of failures" from Rollins as he's failed to earn his way to WrestleMania. "If you wanted to be in WrestleMania, why didn't you just ask me? Why did you jump through all those hoops?" Rollins is shocked and the crowd laughs. "Really, all you had to do was come to me instead of jumping through hoops. You see, this year's WrestleMania is different than all the others because..what is it?" He tests Rollins, who says its stupendous.
"Can I have a WrestleMania that's stupendous without Seth freakin' Rollins?....Of course, I could, but I think it might be a could idea if you rent it. But if you're in it, you'd have to have your own main event. Wouldn't work any other way. Your own main event. So Seth freakin' Rollins is going to WrestleMania." Seth makes a funny, skeptical face as the crowd chants for Cody. Rollins asks who his opponent is, and Vince explains it'll be someone of Vince's choosing and Seth will find out when he's introduced. Rollins tries to contain his excitement about going to WrestleMania and leaves the room after running circles around Vince's desk, doing a "WrestleMania" song and dance before cackling at the T-Rex skull on Vince's wall. We fade to black.

Two-on-One Handicapped Match: Omos vs the Viking Raiders

Another superstar without an opponent at WrestleMania is Omos, per commentary, who makes his way out for another handicapped match. We're reminded, again, that Omos is undefeated in singles competition since debuting at WrestleMania last year. Their words, not mine. We head to a break before the Raiders get fed to the giant. When we return, we're using a tag format this time. Omos starts off with Erik and headbutts Erik so hard he rolls out the ring and can't seem to get up. Ivar runs around as the ref counts to six to check on Erik. The ref then counts out the Viking Raiders, and Omos remains undefeated as the crowd boos.
Your Winner via Count-out, Omos!

An "All Mighty" Return and Challenge

Bobby Lashley makes his return to Raw! He marches down the ramp as Omos is questioned about a WrestleMania opponent. Omos uses one hand to toss Lashley aside and yells threats. Omos whips Lashley into the ropes--big mistake as Lashley ducks under and hits a Spear on the rebound! Omos yells that this is a big mistake and the crowd pops loud for the All Mighty one! Looks like we've got a new WrestleMania match!

Universal Champion Roman Reigns Returns to Run Raw!

252-day SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos (longest run in SmackDown History, per Cole) make their way out with Roman Reigns, who's already deep into his own record-setting title run, and Paul Heyman. The Bloodline wear red track suits and come out with gold and solo-fingers hoisted in the air. The crowd acknowledges their tribal chief by holding up single fingers in solidarity with "the ones" who run this biz. Roman and the Bloodline stand in the ring and soak in a nice mix of boos and cheers. Heyman hands the Tribal Chief his mic and smiles. Roman takes in some applause for a sec before speaking. "Pittsburgh! Acknowledge me!" Decent pop and jeer mix. "You see, I was gonna come out here, I was gonna shine on ya, I was gonna talk about being the last needle-mover, we was gonna talk about God mode, we was gonna talk about how I used to run Monday Night Raw until Fox came begging for me to come save SmackDown. And those are facts! it's all true! The tribal chief has done everything you can do in this business, you see...except one thing." The fans continue to what him, and he snaps. "If y'all keep whatting me I'm gonna smash all of y'all like I would smash Steve Austin. Just like I'm gonna smash Brock Lesnar!" Big boos. The man's a god on the mic as a heel.
"So Like I said, the Tribal Chief has done everything...except beat the Beast at WrestleMania. And that pisses me off!" The crowd rips off a loud, lengthy "Suplex city" chant. "Well let's talk about Brock then, that's what y'all wanna do, let's talk about Brock. What really bothers me about Brock--" what? "--is that just a couple of weeks ago, he was out for blood--it was personal to him. But he's already spilled my blood. In 2018 at WrestleMania 34, he busted my head wide open right here," indicating his hairline and temple. "One across the top of my skull and I bled all over New Orleans. He smashed my face to the point that my children didn't even recognize me, my wife didn't want me in this business anymore, my father doubted me and my family...was disappointed in me. And then he comes out here, and it's just a game now, we're talking about 'suplex city' and it's ' a carnival" now. That's all good because the Tribal Chief (changes the game)...and we're going to take everything form him. You see, I already took his Advocate and upgraded him to a Special Counsel." He states he took Brock's record-setting Universal championship record, and at WrestleMania he's going to take Brock's title. "And then Brock, you're gonna know what it's like to make it personal, because I'm gonna make it personal. Because it's always been personal....to me."

Eight-Woman Tag Match: Natalya & Baszler and Women's Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina & Carmella vs Banks & Naomi and Ripley & Morgan

Sasha Banks, Naomi, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan make their way out ahead of a break. Upon returning, our heels--Zelina, Carmella, Shayna Baszler & Nattie Neidhart--are out next. We start with Liv Morgan and Natalya. Liv quickly takes Nattie into the faces corner and tags in Rhea, who connects with a basement dropkick. Rhea pulls Nattie tot he corner and looks to tag in Liv, but Naomi takes the tag instead. Nattie battles Naomi into the heels corner and tags in Shayna Baszler, who immediately throws fists into Naomi's gut. Quick tag to Zelina, who uses a foot choke in the corner. Naomi gains some separation with a jaw breaker and takes Zelina into the faces corner. Banks is tagged in and Banks connects with a running face wash as Naomi simultaneously hits a running split-leg sliding kick. The ref loses control as everyone enters the ring. Carmella hits a Superkick to Rhea and Banks attempts a Backstabber, but Zelina rips Banks out of the ring and connects with a running knee to the Boss' jaw against the barricade as we head to break! When we return, the ref gives a lot of lateral and the tags come fast, culminating with Rhea Ripley picking up the win for her team in short fashion. Another match whose time ran longer due to commercials.
Your Winners, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Naomi, and Sasha Banks!

Kevin Owens Addresses Steve Austin & the WWE Universe

Owens cut a lengthy promo once again attacking Steve Austin and Texas, implied that if Steve Austin attempted to fight him, Owens would put him down, then stated that while he hated beer he'd still sit down with Steve Austin at the "WrestleMania Main Event Edition of the KO Show" and share a beer with him and discuss how "Owens 3:16 means my stunner is better than yours." He asks the crowd for a "hell yeah" and gets a "hell no." Yet more filler.

Singles Match: Austin Theory vs Intercontinental Champion Ricochet

Theory's strength is praised as he literally does one move before giving way to Ricochet. The Champ quickly takes charge, using his high-impact aerial offense to take down theory and pound him into the mat, executing a beautiful standing spinning senton. Theory attempts a comeback and walks right into a step-up Enziguri from Ricochet. The crowd chants "we want Pat" as Cole calls Theory a punk and Corey calls Pat a punk. Theory quickly fires off an ATL and picks up the win, taking a selfie with Ricochet as he celebrates his quick win.
Your Winner, Austin Theory!

The EST of the WWE is Back!

Bianca Belair makes her way down in a gorgeous black ensemble and our commentary team show us clips from two weeks ago, when Becky Lynch viciously beat Belair. Belair cuts off commentary and gets on the mic, pausing as the fans welcome her. She attempts to speak but takes in another chant and seems like she wants to cry. "Becky, when you came out here last week, and you talked about all the things that you was going to do to make sure that tile never left your waist...but two weeks ago I found out just exactly how low you would stoop. I mean, let's be real, I threatened your existence, my confidence threatened you, and when I hold my head up high...not only did you try to take me out of WrestleMania, you come out here week after week...and try to ruin my reputation. But girl, uh-uh! They don't call me the EST for no reason. So congratulations, Becky, you took me out for a week. But now I am right back here tonight on Monday Night Raw like I never even left. And Becky, even after everything you have tried, i am still standing here."
She states this started back at SummerSlam and points out that Lynch has done everything she can to escape with the title since SummerSlam. She vows that she'll take out Lynch at WrestleMania. Lynch's music plays and Lynch attempts to come out from beneath the ring to attack Belair. Belair catches her and beats Lynch into the corner. Lynch nearly has a wardrobe malfunction from her halter top. Lynch gains the upper hand and uses a chair to attack Belair. Lynch then retrieves a black sack and inside are shears--presumably borrowed from Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake--and she states repeatedly that she said she was coming for Belair's hair. Belair manages to avoid losing her hair by hitting the KOD on the champ, leaving her laid out. Belair isn't done and picks up Lynch, hitting a second KOD! Belair then retrieves the shears and cuts off a big handful of Lynch's hair! She rolls Lynch over and cuts off another handful, and another! She slaps in a rear waist lock with her legs and continues to cut hair as officials attempt to stop her. Becky's gonna have a much, much shorter hair style come WrestleMania. Belair cuts several handfuls of hair out before finally leaving the ring.

Two-on-One Handicapped Tag Format Match: Drew McIntyre vs the Happy Folks

After a video highlights the flat jokes that Madcap Moss has killed the last few weeks, we finally get on with the handicapped match. McIntyre completely dominates the match as Corbin refuses to let Madcap Moss tag Corbin in. Graves justifies it as Corbin's keeping himself fresh for WrestleMania. Drew hits a Claymore to end it. After the match, Corbin attacked Drew and rammed him into two ring posts before hitting the End of Days. The post-match beatdown lasted significantly longer than the match. Happy Corbin stole Angela the Sword afterwards.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

Battle of the Tag Team Champions Main Event Match: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro vs SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Usos, are out first. It appears this is our main event match, therefore the previously-announced Street Profits vs Alpha Academy match will not be taking place tonight. Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro are out after a break. The team of Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs have decided to watch from the commentary table tonight as they've got a tag title match this weekend. The Usos are shown staring down Boogs & Nakamura prior to the start of the match. RK-Bro come out the gate swinging and battle the Usos to the commentary table, using it as a weapon to lay out the Bloodline as we head to break, again.
We return as RK-Bro take control. Riddle shows off some impressive core strength with a deadlift gut-wrench suplex on Jimmy Uso. Jey comes in off the tag but fails to capitalize on the confusion, and Riddle uses a pair of running forearms to take down both Usos. Riddle hits the standing Bro-ton and covers for only one. Riddle & Uso struggle for control until Uso hits a snap Samoan Driver to cover Riddle for one. Jimmy comes in on the tag and pounds away at Riddle in the Usos corner. Jimmy continues to punish Riddle with knee chokes and gains some assistance from Jey as the ref is distracted. The Usos engage in a sequence of offense that uses quick tags to allow each man to execute a few moves before bringing in a fresher twin. As the ref is distracted, Jimmy Uso sucker punches Riddle. Orton attempts to show the ref but the ref forces him out.
The dead crowd remembers we're live and starts to wake up, lightly chanting for Riddle and Orton. Riddle blocks a punch from Jey and unloads three rights. Jey shuts it down with a blow to the ribs and takes Riddle back into the Uso corner. Jimmy starts to use working holds that focus on Riddle's neck. Jimmy yells smack as he stomps Riddle and tags in Jey. Both Usos work together to double-team Riddle. Jey looks for a big right but Riddle blocks it. Both men throw fists, with Riddle getting the upper hand. Riddle fails to see a blind tag from Jimmy to Jey. Jimmy and Jey double-team Riddle, sending him to the outside. Jimmy throws Riddle over the barricade and into the time keepers area and both Usos hold up the one finger"we the ones" symbol as we go to another break. When we return, the action goes back and forth briefly until the Street Profits attack, causing the DQ. RK-Bro fended off the Profits attack and served them up with a pair of RKO's, each, for their efforts.
Your Result: Disqualification, No Contest!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's go-home edition of WrestleMania Raw! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night NXT 2.0's last chance to make waves ahead of Saturday midday's Stand & Deliver event! Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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