Wrestling News: Stephanie McMahon's New Responsibilities, Cain Velasquez Update

-- Stephanie McMahon, who is currently the Chief Brand Officer for WWE, has been given additional responsibilities under her role. The Global Sales and Partnerships division that is led by John Brody now rolls up to Stephanie and it was a change that was made way back in August, but not publicized until recently.

-- Rey Mysterio has noted publicly that he feels as if Cain Velasquez will make a return to wrestling at some point but stopped short of saying it would be for WWE. He was signed by WWE to a lucrative, multi-year deal but it soon became apparent that he was only brought in so that Brock Lesnar could defeat him and even up the score from when Velasquez beat him almost a decade earlier but they had no further plans for him. The Observer Newsletter speculates that if Velasquez does make a comeback, it will be for AAA in Mexico.