WWE 205 Live Results (10/25): Kansas City, Missouri

The October 25th, 2019 edition of WWE 205 Live took place at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO.

Intro song.

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. The cruiserweight champion Lio Rush is out first for our opening contest. He'll be facing...Oney Lorcan...who is out second.

Lio Rush versus Oney Lorcan

Tie-up. Lorcan overpowers Rush with a takedown. Pace picks up...arm twist from Rush. Lorcan responds by hitting a stiff lariat, then applies a headlock. Rush escapes...enziguri. Lorcan fires back by kneeing Rush in the gut for a one count. Fight spills to the outside...suicide dive by Rush connects. Back in the ring...Rush climbs...Lorcan evades...running blockbuster. Cover...only two. DDT. Rush shakes it off. Handspring back elbow, springboard stunner, and final hour splash pick up the win for the champ.

Lio Rush wins by pinfall

Afterwards Tony Nese comes to the ring and approaches Rush. He says that they've both beaten Lorcan in singles-competition, then invites Rush to stick around and watch his match with Raul Mendoza, which begins immediately.

Tony Nese versus Raul Mendoza

Nese plays to the crowd and poses. Tie-up. Wristlock by nese. Mendoza counters with an arm-drag. Nese hits an elbow, then locks in a choke. Mendoza trying to rally...Nese powers him back down to the mat. Both men up. Back and forth striking exchange. Nese with another lockup. He screams at Rush on the outside. Nese hangs Mendoza on the ropes. Mendoza fights back with a back elbow and kick. Mendoza with a singlet dropkick on Nese, followed by a missile dropkick. He keeps the offense up with a springboard moonsault and a spinning suplex. Goes for the cover again and Nese kicks out. Nese with a few forearms, Mendoza reverses it. Nese sweeps the leg and takes out Mendoza on the apron. Rush taunts Nese by holding up his Cruiserweight title. Mendoza rolls Nese up...got em!

Raul Mendoza wins by pinfall

Nese can't believe it. Rush smiles. Mendoza celebrates a marquee victory.

Backstage the Singh Brothers challenge everyone to come find them and the 24/7 championship, but they won't reveal their exact location.

Cut to Brian Kendrick. He climbs the announcers table and addresses the audience. Kendrick calls wrestlers consumers and how getting a WWE contract these days is far too easy. He then berates General Manager Drake Maverick for being terrible at his job.

Main event time. This was announced earlier in the day. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is out first. Ariya Daivari is second. Here we go.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott versus Ariya Daivari

Daivari whips Swerve into the turnbuckle. Swerve counters. Kick to the face. Fight spills to the outside, where Daivari sends Swerve into the stairs. Back in the ring... Daivari smashes Swerve face-first into the turnbuckle. Hard Irish-whip. Swerve with a boot to Daivari. He climbs to the top rope...Daivari meets him up there. Both men fly downwards towards the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Swerve with an uppercut to the back of Daivari's neck. Swerve with several chest chops. Swerve runs to the ropes...forearm punch from Daivari. Swerve takes out Daivari with a big kick to the head. Goes for the cover...it's over.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott wins by pinfall

That's the show friends.