WWE Announcer Greg Hamilton Reveals His Fiance Has COVID-19, Says That's Why He Performed Poorly On SmackDown

WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton issued a short statement on his Twitter account explaining to fans why he was very shaky during last night's edition of SmackDown. Hamilton reveals that his fiance, Ari, has tested positive for COVID-19, something that had Hamilton distracted throughout the evening.

He writes, "Tonight was tough. my “fiancé” has COVID....I am “proposing” to her soon...but yes...I was not at my best tonight. I owe you all an apology. You Expect the best from me; and I should deliver. Tonight; I didn’t. I’m sorry; she is my everything. She is sick. And I’m not there.

Earlier today Hamilton would take to Twitter again, this time to thank fans for their support and let them know that he is now by his fiance's side. He writes, "Thank you all for the love and support; totally unexpected. Finally home, and Ari is resting in quarantine. I shared your support and she was incredibly grateful. And yes, she filtered this pic before she let me post it. Today is a great day to be kind to one another."

Check it out below.