WWE The Bump Full Recap

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another edition of WWE’s The Bump! Today’s episode is full of top notch guests, including WALTER, Ilja Dragunov, Jinder Mahal, and Goldberg. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, let’s take a look at The Bump!

WWE’s The Bump

⁃ Kayla starts off the show, and tells the viewers “we have a really exciting show on tap for you today.”
⁃ The rest of The Bump crew share a few general thoughts on all of the latest action from WWE television, until Kayla brings on the first guest.

Jinder Mahal

Ahead of Saturday’s match against his former friend Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal joins The Bump crew. Kayla kicks off the interview by asking “The Modern Day Maharaja” how he’s feeling heading into Summerslam. Jinder tells Kayla “so, I actually feel great. Last time I was under the skin of my opponent this much was 2017, when I beat Randy Orton for the title. I’m getting similar vibes. Veer & Shanky are banned from ringside, but at Summerslam, we’ll see.” Kayla follows up by asking Jinder how the stipulation will affect the match against McIntyre, and Mahal explains “I will be just fine without them. I was fine without them, the Singh Bro’s, and I was fine without Drew McIntyre in 3MB.” Matt joins the conversation, immediately pointing out that Veer & Shanky have been taking most of the beatings for Jinder. Matt asks if Jinder feels bad for his assistants, and Mahal tells viewers “no absolutely not. I’ve given them the opportunity of a thousand lifetimes. They should be thankful. They are sitting under the learning tree of one of the greatest WWE Champions of all-time.” Matt comes behind that by asking Jinder about his record in matches against Drew McIntyre, which isn’t the best. Jinder explains “one of those matches was before 3MB, before I evolved into myself. The second was on Raw, where Veer & Shanky got involved a little to early. They got me disqualified.” Ryan steps in, and he asks Jinder a Twitter question from a fan. The fan asks Jinder about the “lack of respect” he receives from the WWE Universe. Jinder responds, and tells the fan “it’s despicable. Ultimately all of the disrespect they give me is gonna be dished out on Drew. You guys aren’t helping Drew McIntyre at all.” Kayla takes Mahal back to Raw Talk, where Jinder revealed that he pulled the plug on paying Baron Corbin for his services. Kayla wonders if Jinder would reconsider, and Mahal states “I tried to help Corbin, I gave him the opportunity. There was no down payment, no deposit. Sorry Baron.” Kayla thanks Jinder for stopping by, and The Bump moves on to the next guest.


Before stepping in the ring for a clash with “The Almighty WWE Champion” Bobby Lashley, WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg makes his way onto The Bump set. Kayla begins by asking Goldberg how he’s feeling in general, and Goldberg tells viewers “I’m doing great, feeling great. I’ve been doing media all day, and a few IV treatments.” Kayla asks how Goldberg and Lashley have got to this point in their current rivalry, and the Hall of Famer explains “well first he’s an opponent I’ve wanted to face for a long time. He’s a very worthy opponent, and I think I pose a big threat. He doesn’t agree! He’s gonna find out on Saturday that I’m still The Goldberg of old. There is no doubt about it.” Matt takes Goldberg back to his previous appearance on The Bump, where Goldberg rated Lashley’s spear, and gave it a two. Matt asks Goldberg if he’s worried he may end up on the receiving end of one of those spears Saturday, and Goldberg tells Matt “there’s no question, Lashley is a worthy opponent. He has an entire arsenal of offense, and that’s a very small part of it, so yeah as a guy who tries to be ahead of his opponents, I’m looking for that spear.” Evan joins the conversation, and he asks Goldberg if MVP has made things more personal by going after the son of Goldberg. The Hall of Famer tells viewers “you guys know me, it’s business as usual. He’s trying to divert me, but it only drives my desire to grab his neck and squeeze it until his face pops off. Bringing the family into it takes away from the title, because when family is involved it takes things to a different level.” Ryan chimes in, and he points out the fact that Goldberg returned specifically for his son. Ryan wonders how it feels for Goldberg to have his son involved “on a lighter scale,” and Goldberg explains “well I mean, as a father it’s one of the coolest things that could happen. Everyone knows 100% of the reason I came back is for my family.” Kayla thanks Goldberg for stopping by, and it’s time for more guest's.

WALTER & Ilja Dragunov

Before NXT Takeover 36, NXT UK Champion WALTER joins the show, along with his challenger on Sunday, Ilja Dragunov. Kayla begins by asking Ilja if WALTER is a “hypocrite,” after everything that went down on Tuesday’s NXT. Dragunov tells Kayla “I wouldn’t say it that way. I believe the mat is sacred, but how you express what you do makes the difference. Watching the footage, I would say he shouldn’t be to sure about his beliefs and views.” Kayla asks WALTER for his response to the comments from Dragunov, and the Champion explains “overall Ilja can think what he wants. I don’t believe him. I told Ilja he is a fraud, I don’t care. He’s getting attention from everyone that I don’t care about, and we will see Sunday.” Evan takes Ilja back to Tuesday’s bloody collision with Pete Dunne, and wonders if it will affect Ilja on Sunday. Dragunov tells viewers “I just did what I did. That’s who I am. Talking about fraud? This is the intensity I bring to the ring, this is what makes me a standout. This is what will help me defeat WALTER in the end.” Matt takes WALTER and Ilja back to last years brutal collision between both men on NXT UK, and wonders what Ilja learned from the bout. Dragunov says “I learned that I need to get smarter. Everything is like a growing process, I did everything I could do in that match, but I wasn’t at the right level then.” Evan points out the fact that Ilja took WALTER to the limit in the classic bout, and asks if Dragunov is the biggest threat to the Champion. WALTER tells Evan “I think I have to give it to him. He is the biggest rival I have had. He’s a great athlete, maybe better than me, but he doesn’t have the mental ability to keep up with me. Ilja you’re only where you are at because of me. You want to be in my position, you want to be me. But if that’s all you want to do, you’re never gonna make it.” Ilja cuts the champ off, and states “I can’t even listen to you. Maybe you made me better a few times, but I’m not who I have been before. I’m you’re biggest threat! Being emotional is my thing, I have all of the mental ability right here!” Matt asks WALTER for his final comments before Sunday, and the Champion explains “I’m not a man of many words, I let my actions speak. So Ilja seems to enjoy talking, and showing his feelings, I’ll leave that to him. On Sunday, I’m leaving as the NXT UK Champion.” Ilja shared his response, and tells WALTER “I can talk The talk very well, but with my will I can walk the walk. And you’re gonna be sure about this!”

⁃ Ryan, Matt, and Evan hype Thursday’s episode of NXT UK, until Kayla sends the show off air.

That’s all for this episode of The Bump! Thanks for stopping by the recap, and have a great rest of your day everyone.