WWE The Bump Full Recap: (4/28/21)

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for a recap of the WWE YouTube show, The Bump! Today’s show is full of guests, including Charlotte Flair, Franky Monet, Natalya, Tamina, Omos, and AJ Styles . Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, let’s take a look at The Bump!

⁃ Kayla kicks off the show by telling viewers “we’re gonna have a good time”, and runs down the list of guests that’ll be a part of the show today.
⁃ The rest of The Bump crew joins the show, and they all share their thoughts on the latest WWE happenings, until Kayla brings on “The Queen”.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte joins the show for the first time in a while, and she says “I’m the opportunity. I’m right back in the mix”. Ryan asks his first question, and wonders what Flair made of the decision by Sonya Deville. Charlotte simply says “she’s an opportunist too”. Ryan follows up, and wonders if Charlotte has a message for Adam Pearce. She tells Adam “sorry not sorry...”. Matt takes Charlotte back to Sonya’s appearance on Raw Talk, where Deville explained why Flair shouldn’t be suspended. Matt asks about the “business decision” behind the move, and tells Matt “you can’t make everyone happy. They made a smart business choice.” Matt wonders how the vacation went for Charlotte, and she tells him “I enjoyed the beach. I actually thought I would have two weeks”. Evan jumps in, and shows a replay of the apology Charlotte gave the referee, and vice versa. Charlotte responds to the clip, and explains “I think I just distract him. He knows what will happen if it happens again. Sorry goes a long way”. Kayla rejoins the discussion, and asks what will fuel Charlotte going forward. Charlotte watches a clip of herself defeating Mandy Rose, and she says “the ref looks like he’s moving slowly. I distract him. It was a slow count”. Matt hops back in, and he asks if Charlotte believes she is bigger than WWE Championships. Charlotte confidently states “I don’t want to diminish what the championships mean, but I don’t need to hold championships to be the champion”. Ryan asks another question, and he wants to know what Charlotte thinks about Asuka and Rhea Ripley. Charlotte talks about Rhea, and says “that snake took my Wrestlemania spot”. Kayla brings the discussion to a close, and she talks about the “new era of the women’s division”. Charlotte responds, and tells everyone “please bring it. I’m begging anyone to step up and face the opportunity”. Kayla thanks Flair for joining, and the segment comes to a close.

⁃ When Charlotte makes her exit, Ryan heads over to the big board to see what the WWE Universe is buzzing about.
⁃ When Ryan wraps up the quick segment, Kayla welcomes on the next guests.

AJ Styles & Omos

The Raw Tag Team Champions join the host’s, and Styles holds up his title. AJ says “I’m almost sick of partying. I’ve been at home”. Kayla begins by asking if the champs have put the rest of Raw on notice. AJ tells her “absolutely, Vince was very happy. We’re unstoppable”. Omos adds to that, and simply says “exactly”. Matt congratulates AJ on becoming a Grand Slam Champion, and AJ explains “it just kind of happened. At this point we will have to retire with these titles”. Evan asks Omos how his experience at WrestleMania was, and he says “that moment is forever immortalized in my brain. To feel the audience, it was electrifying”. Ryan kicks it to AJ, and he wants to know about Omos’ performance from his perspective. AJ explains “he took out the best tag team in WWE history, based on their title reigns... and we slaughtered them”. Kayla chimes back in, and brings up the fans return at WrestleMania. AJ tells viewers “it was unbelievable, and we’re gonna do it again next year in Dallas”. AJ also mentions that he’s not sure if he and Omos will have a name, and he wants the Twitter world to help decide on a moniker. Ryan opens up the floor to both guys, and wonders if Omos and AJ will give The New Day a rematch. Omos tells Ryan “they have to earn these. As of right now, they are not even on my radar”. Matt talks about meeting Omos a year ago, and he wonders what the difference is between Omos then and now. Omos explains “I’m a totally different person. I just want to dominate”. Kayla asks who has been instrumental in the development of Omos, and he name-drops none other than AJ Styles, stating “it’s been magic”. AJ follows up, and he says “nobody compares” to Omos. AJ continues, and says “he is THE monster of any promotion out there. No one is as big as my guy. No one is as dominating as Omos”. Ryan shifts the conversation by asking about signature moves, and he wants to know if Omos and AJ have more double team moves on store. AJ tells him “when you talk about AJ and Omos... you’re gonna be talking about things other people wish they could do”. Kayla ends the discussion by thanking both guys for stopping by, and the crew moves on to the next segment.

⁃ The host’s quickly show a few WWE Superstar pet photos, before bringing on the third guest of the day.

Franky Monet

Franky joins the show for the first time ever, and she has her dog, Prince Presley with her. Ryan begins by asking how Shad Garpard helped her start wrestling, and she tells Ryan “I dressed as a female John Cena at a bar, and that’s where I met them. He just asked if I wanted wrestle, and he eventually helped me get to WWE. He is a huge part of where I am today”. Matt follows up by asking about Lance Storm, who Monet calls her “wrestling dad”. Franky adds “ its so important to have a good teacher, and I’m glad I found him”. Matt asks about her time in Lucha Underground, and Franky explains “it changed my life. I met John there”. Kayla wonders if Franky is responsible for Morrison’s hair lately, and she says “I have no part of it. That is his own doing. ‘Johnny drip drip’ makes his own drip”. Franky adds that she wants to tag with him again someday, “but it’s important to me to make my own name in WWE”. Matt takes Franky back to the initial reaction of fans when she signed with WWE, and Monet tells him “oh man, I just got goosebumps. I’ve worked for so many years to get here, and I am going to try to make everyone who helped me so proud. I will be a Champion here, and you heard it here first”. Kayla brings the quick interview to a close, and head into a few “Ask The Bump” questions.

⁃ Once the fan questions come to a close, Kayla brings on the final two guests of the day.

Natalya & Tamina

The hosts welcome on “The BOAT and The Yacht”, and Kayla wants to know how both women are feeling. Natalya starts first, and she explains “both of us have so much passion. We are not getting in the back of the line anymore”. Tamina adds to the comments, and she says “Naty is exactly on point. We feel like we have to prove something. We’re unleashing what we should have a long time ago”. Evan brings up the Twitter feud between Nia Jax and Tamina, and Tamina tells him “She better watch out before I take Reggie”. Evan follows up by asking both women to rate Nia Jax fall on Raw, and Natalya says “I’d give it a 4 out of 10”. Tamina agrees. Matt takes things in another direction, and asks about Natalya training with Shayna Baszler. Natalya says “there is bad blood between us. I feel disrespected by Shayna and Nia. Reggie has been sliding in Tamina’s DM’s”. Tamina responds to that, and she says “yeah, we have to tell him to calm down. Wait your turn Reggie”. Kayla follows up by asking Tamina why she clicks so well with Natalya, and Tamina explains “she got me. She has always been there for me, so I felt like she knows what it means to be a champion, but I’ve never had that experience. She can outwork anybody. She helps elevate me to the next level”. Ryan takes both women back to the beginning of their partnership, and shows Natalya a clip of a stellar social media promo she cut. Natalya explains “if I’m not getting an opportunity on tv, I will create my own. We’re not waiting for anyone to hand us that. It is my dream to help Tamina win her first championship in WWE”. Matt switches gears into discussing Natalya’s life at home, and she talks about Tyson Kidd. Natalya says “we have always had a common love for wrestling. We grew up loving it, and TJ is a student of the game. He’s such a historian of wrestling. He’s so giving and caring, and he has a vision for every women in the division”. Kayla abruptly brings the segment to a close, and the interviews wrap up for the day.

⁃ The Crew hypes NXT UK, which goes down Thursday, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks episode of The Bump! Thanks for stopping by the recap, and have a great rest of your day everyone