WWE The Bump Full Recap (8/21): SummerSlam Preview

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for a special SummerSlam edition of WWE’s The Bump! Today’s episode is full of top notch guests, including Paul Heyman and The Mysterio’s. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, let’s take a look at The Bump!

WWE's The Bump

⁃ Kayla Braxton and Evan Mack kickoff WWE’s The Bump, as well as Matt Camp and Ryan Papolla.
⁃ Kayla goes down the list of today’s guest’s, and Evan hypes tonight’s clash between Edge and Seth Rollins.
⁃ After Evan and Kayla share a few opening thoughts, Matt rejoices over the reuniting of Team RK-Bro.
⁃ Once The Bump crew finish their thoughts on all of the latest happenings in WWE, Kayla welcomes on the first pair of guests.

Dominik & Rey Mysterio

The challengers to the Smackdown Tag Team Championships join the show, and Kayla begins by asking how they’re both feeling before tonight’s match. Rey says “it’s like anything in life, you have to make mistakes to learn. You have to learn from these rookie mistakes from Dominik, but the best thing we can do is forget about the past, and think about what’s present for tonight.” Ryan follows up by asking about Dominik’s recent struggles, and he wonders if Dominik has learned anything from them. Dom explains “absolutely, all the mistakes I’ve been making have been rookie mistakes, but I’m learning as I go. Like my dad was saying, we are on the same page tonight.” Matt jumps in, and he asks if The Mysterio’s have been clashing over philosophy and style as late. Rey responds first, and tells The Bump crew “I try to put myself in his shoes, and he jumped straight into the ring against Seth Rollins. Who knows if I would have made it through that in his situation? But the fact is Dominik came through. These mistakes are expected, but I hope today he shows me how hungry he is. He has to commit to finishing up the task that we have at hand tonight.” Kayla switches her focus to The Uso’s, and she wants to know if The Smackdown Tag Team Champions are making a mistake by following Roman Reigns so closely. Rey tells Kayla “no it’s family blood. You really can’t mess with family. When there is a bloodline, nothing can break that up. They want to keep the titles and keep Roman happy.” Matt comes behind that by asking Dominik if tonight is a must win match for The Mysterio’s, and Dom explains “most definitely, every night is a must win for us. Tonight is most definitely a must win for us.” Kayla thanks The Mysterio’s for stopping by, and the show moves on to the next segment.

⁃ Kayla and The Bump crew breakdown a few matches ahead of tonight’s SummerSlam, including the Raw Women’s Championship bout, and the Smackdown Women’s Championship showdown.
⁃ Matt covers the WWE Championship clash between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley, until Evan shares his thoughts on John Cena and Roman Reigns.
⁃ Kayla also hypes the WWE Universal Championship, and welcomes on Ariel Helwani.
⁃ After the brief conversation with Ariel, The Bump crew share their thoughts on a few more SummerSlam contests, until Paul Heyman makes his presence felt on the show.

Paul Heyman

The Special Counsel to “The Tribal Chief” and reigning WWE Universal Champion joins The Bump crew, and Kayla begins by asking Heyman if hes stressed about tonight. Heyman asks “is that a serious question? Am I nervous no, am I excited yes.” Kayla says she appreciates the comments, and runs down the list of accolades John Cena has acquired through his illustrious career. Kayla shows Heyman a clip of last nights exchange between Roman Reigns and John Cena, and Paul responds to clip, stating “I don’t think Romans temper got the best of him. He’s sick of John Cena, because we have Cena nuff. Ladies and gentleman Roman Reigns is leaving SummerSlam as WWE Universal Champion. That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler. John Cena is physically at his best, he’s trained specifically for Roman Reigns, he’s trained for the victor tonight, Roman Reigns.” Matt asks Heyman if John Cena will be Reigns’ toughest challenger to date, and Paul explains “he is John Cena, don’t sell him short, he’s everything he’s hyped up to be. This is a Wrestlemania main event that we couldn’t wait to put on, this victory will define Roman Reigns career. This match will defines Roman’s reign as WWE Universal Champion.” Paul shares a few thoughts on some of the other SummerSlam matches, and puts over Roman Reigns one last time, until Kayla “dismisses” Paul.

⁃ The Bump crew make their picks for the winners of tonight’s SummerSlam bouts, until Kayla sends the show off air.

That’s all for this episode of The Bump! Thanks for stopping by the recap, and enjoy SummerSlam!