WWE The Bump Recap (1/12): Johnny Knoxville, Liv Morgan, More

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of WWE’s The Bump.

Today’s episode of The Bump features appearances by Liv Morgan, Adam Pearce, and Johnny Knoxville. Check it out:

WWE The Bump

-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan welcome the viewers onboard, and Kayla gives a rundown of today’s lineup.
-The Bump crew share their thoughts on the latest happenings from all of WWE’s brands, until the first guest arrives.

Johnny Knoxville

After an introduction from Kayla, Johnny Knoxville has a few comments for the WWE Universe. Kayla begins by asking Johnny about being an entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble, but Johnny corrects Kayla, and says “not just an entrant, the winner of the 2022 Royal Rumble.” Kayla follows up by asking Johnny how he plans to prepare for the 30-man match, which goes down on January 29th. Knoxville explains “they should expect pain. I’ve been flipping large truck tires over my wall, about the weight of Brock Lesnar. I do it like six hours a day. I want WWE to clear out the first six rows, because I’m going to be chucking guys into at least the second one.” Kayla asks the Jackass star about the support he’s received from multiple people on social media, and she wonders if the support puts any added pressure on Johnny. Knoxville tells viewers “I have never been more confident about anything in my life, I am going to WrestleMania, I will be the last one standing.” Kayla thanks Johnny for stopping by, and it’s time for the next segment.

-Matt and Ryan preview the upcoming episode of Smackdown, until Kayla welcomes on the next guest.

Liv Morgan

After losing a triple threat Raw Women’s Championship number one contender match on Monday, Liv Morgan joins The Bump crew, and the second interview of the day is underway. Kayla begins by asking Liv how she’s feeling now that the smoke has cleared, and Liv explains “obviously I wanted to win that match, and go on to face Becky, but that isn’t the case. Best wishes to these girls, I’m not a hater.” Liv goes on to say “it’s been a weird couple of days.” Matt enters the chat, and asks Liv the question that’s on everyone’s mind, “what’s next?” Liv tells viewers “I still have my eyes on that title. It’s all I think about, and it’s consumed every part of my being.” Ryan joins the conversation, and asks Liv about Becky Lynch’s involvement in the match on Monday. Liv says “I definitely think Becky had to cheat because she was nervous. She’s had to cheat to beat me every time, and she’s underestimated me, but I’ll take it as a slight compliment...” Matt chimes in with another question, and asks Liv how much her rivalry with Becky Lynch has helped raise her own game. Liv states “facing the Champion, you have to bring another level of competition. I feel like my last couple of matches have been my best, and all I want to do is see how good I can be.” Kayla thanks Liv for her time, and another interview is in the books.

-The Bump crew reflects on the latest episode of NXT 2.0, until the final guest is ready.

Adam Pearce

Adam Pearce makes his presence felt, and it’s time for an interview with the current WWE Official. Kayla fires away with questions, and asks Adam about his decision to allow Seth Rollins to face Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Pearce says “when you’re looking for Roman’s challenger, you have to find someone you believe is a formidable challenger.” Adam goes on to explain “What landed me on Seth is history. Roman and Seth have been through so much, and it all makes for a very intriguing match. They trusted me to make a decision, and now it’s official.” Matt follows up by asking Adam how Roman may respond on Friday night, and Pearce tells viewers “look over the last year plus, he and I haven’t been friendly. Roman is going to have his hands full with Seth... I tried to offer Roman the courtesy of informing him about the decision, but he didn’t want that.” Ryan changes gears, and asks Adam about Sonya Deville’s ongoing rivalry with WWE Smackdown Superstar Naomi. Ryan wonders if Pearce will ever step in to stop Sonya, and Adam says “the interesting thing about it is that as a WWE Official, we have the same requirements. I can’t really step in and deal with what she’s doing. Sonya makes decisions, I make decisions, and we both answer to a higher authority.” Pearce continues “I monitor it, I make mental notes, and I file it away. There’s just not much I can do about it. I do what I can, I control what I can, and unfortunately, I don’t control Sonya Deville.” Adam exits the show, and the final interview of the day comes to a close.

-Matt and Ryan hype tomorrow’s episode of NXT UK, and The Bump fades to black.