WWE The Bump Recap (11/24): The Bump Crew Chats With The Godfather and The Undertaker

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of WWE’s The Bump.

Today’s episode of The Bump features appearances by The Undertaker, as well as WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather.

WWE The Bump

-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan welcome the viewers onboard, and Kayla gives a rundown of today’s lineup.
-The Bump crew share their thoughts on the latest happenings from all of WWE’s brands, until the first guest arrives.

Charles “The Godfather” Wright

All aboard! WWE Hall of Famer “The Godfather” joins The Bump crew in-studio, and Kayla begins by asking Charles how he’s feeling. Wright says “I’ve been great, my health is good, and I’m just having fun.” Matt takes Charles back to the early days of his career, when Wright wrestled under the name Sir Charles. "The Godfather" groans, and tells viewers “when I had my tryout they didn’t know what to call me. We were in Phoenix, and they had Charles Barkley then, so they only called me that for my tryout. So after the tryout Vince McMahon says ‘we have to do something about your face. You have the body of a monster, but a baby face’.” Matt moves forward to the Papa Shango character, and wonders which spell Charles enjoyed casting the most. Wright explains “I always liked to go to coffin nails, and bones. I used to have a spell book, and everything I said was legit.” Shane McMahon walks in, and immediately hugs “The Godfather". Shane chucks up the deuces at the camera, and leaves as fast as he arrived... random! Anyways, Ryan asks The Charles about WrestleMania 8, where Papa Shango made his presence felt in the main-event. Wright says “at that point I was so happy to be there. I was nervous and scared, but it was overwhelming. I never thought I would be in that role at that point in my life. It was very overwhelming.” Matt jumps ahead to 1995, when Wright performed as Kama. Charles tells viewers “they were going off UFC with that character. You know what it stood for? ‘Kick Any Man’s Ass’.” Kayla chimes in with a question, and she wants to know if Wright ever thought about portraying all of his gimmicks at once, like Mick Foley has done in the past. Charles says “it was talked about, and then cancelled at the last minute. I would’ve come out as Godfather, then shaved my head to be Kama, and then shaved it all off for Papa Shango.” Matt brings up the infamous brawl for all tournament, and he wants to know how Charles felt about being involved in scuffle. Wright tells Matt “never even thought about... when they told me how much I would make to be in it, it didn’t matter who I was fighting. I’m not gonna tell you what I did before the thing, if you know me then you know, but I didn’t think about who I was fighting." Wright continues "It was fine with me. I wasn’t part of the political side that’s come later in life, but I legit thought I was gonna win it. That’s probably why I didn’t, overconfidence. Me and Bradshaw are the only ones who made it through that deal, and hey, we’re Hall of Famers.” Kayla thanks The Godfather for stopping by, and it’s time for the next segment.

-Matt and Ryan preview the upcoming episode of Smackdown, until Kayla welcomes on the next guest.

The Undertaker

Matt kicks off the special interview with “The Deadman” by asking about his recent appearance at an event that hyped next year’s Wrestlemania, as well as a Dallas Cowboys game. Matt wonders how ‘Taker feels about his new role with the WWE, and The Undertaker explains “it’s interesting. I’m a huge Cowboys fan, so that was a really cool experience. I’ve met several National Medal of Honor winners, andthey don't just give those to anyone... it’s different and fun. The Undertaker character really serves me well, but it’s time to put that away." The Undertaker goes on to say "You’re boxed into what you can and can’t do, and now that’s all off, and this is what’s left.” Ryan asks ‘Taker about his recently released interactive Netflix film, Escape The Undertaker, and he wants to know what the experience was like for The Undertaker. “The Deadman” says “that was a really ambitious shooting schedule. We shot that in a week, and the days were really long. The New Day brought so much energy, and creativity, and I think they were the ideal people for that. I’m really proud of how it all turned out. I was doing an interview while my daughter was playing the game, and I could hear her talking trash to the tv, so it was really fun. I had never even heard of an interactive movie.” Matt follows up by asking The Undertaker if he ever had any desire to fill a behind the scenes role, and ‘Taker tells viewers “yeah, and I’m trying to find that now, trying to find my niche. I think I’m a natural at letting people pick my brain, and sharing my philosophy... I want to help people move along, so I’m trying to figure out how much I will be involved in talent development in some way.” Matt asks for an example of ‘Taker’s teaching method, and wonders what advice The Undertaker would give current WWE Monday Night Raw Superstar Omos. “The Deadman” tells viewers “the biggest thing for him is... there will never be another Andre, but he is as close as we have come. Omos is special, and he needs to realize he’s special. The average size of a wrestler is smaller now, and he’s incredibly athletic, as well as incredibly huge. It’s important for him to make sure he protects that. We have conversations about what he should or shouldn’t do, and if it gets to heated, call me.” Ryan and Matt thank The Undertaker for his time, and the final interview of the day comes to a close.

-Matt and Ryan hype tomorrow’s episode of NXT UK, and The Bump fades to black.