WWE The Bump Recap (12/16): Slammy Awards Announcement; Kevin Owens, Ric Flair & Carmella Talk

WWE The Bump Recap- 12/16/20

Recap by: Andrew Hatcher, Rajah.Com Reporter

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome to the first of many recaps of WWE's "The Bump"! Today's guests on the show are the "untouchable" Carmella, the man who will challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at TLC, Kevin Owens, and 2x WWE Hall Of Famer, as well as 16x World Champion, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair! WOOO!

The host of the show is Kayla Braxton, and she's joined by her co-hosts Matt Camp, Evan T. Mack, and Ryan Pappolla. The hosts do some bantering to open the show, and they talk about the interaction between Big E and Paul Heyman on last Saturday's episode of Talking Smack. After a replay of that, the hosts share their thoughts on other storylines, like The Fiend vs Randy Orton and Carmella vs Sasha Banks. Kayla Braxton then welcomes in the first guest of the show, Carmella.

Carmella starts things off by talking about last Friday's Smackdown, and says Sasha getting disqualified is "ridiculous, and brags about being "in Sashas' head". Carmella is then asked if what she did after the match crossed a line, and she tells the hosts "of course not". The hosts then wonder about how she always avoided Sasha. Carmella tells them they were on different shows, and she had a goal to come back, and take on whoever is women's champion. The hosts follow up by asking Carmella if she has had any ring rust during her return, and Carmella boldly states "mella is still money". She goes on to say Bayley vs Sasha never main evented Smackdown, but she did. T. Mack asks Carmella if she sees herself as better than Sasha, and Carmella confidently claims everyone is "talking about her more than than the champion". Kayla asks Carmella why she's been targeting Sasha, and Carmella tells us she doesn't care what Sasha has going on, because she's "the bigger star". Ryan tries to ask a question, but Carmella doesn't want to talk to him, because he like Sasha. Kayla interjects, and Carmella says she took the match on Smackdown, "because she's a nice person". Carmella says she always has a trick up her sleeve, and Sasha has to work for what she wants. T.Mack asks Carmella about her new assistant, and says getting beat up is part of his role. Matt Camp chimes in, and asks about Carmellas tweet to Mario Lopez. Carmella questions his relevancy, and says she "doesn't even care" about Lopez. Kayla asks Carmella if she has any final thoughts to share about Sasha Banks, and their most recent matchup. Carmella sarcastically tells them she "hopes Banks back is better", and not badly gashed, after having a Champagne bottle broken over her back. Carmella exits the show, and Kayla moves into talking about the next guest, "the 24/7, I-95 south, European, TV champion", R-Truth.

Truth says he is all of that title, but he doesn't have the belt with him. Truth tells us he has some big news, and everyone wonders what it is. Truth finally breaks the news, and reveals a huge slammy award. Truth announces that he will be the host of the 2020 slammy awards, next Wednesday, at 10 am on the WWE Network. The hosts wonder if Little Jimmy will be there to help host, and Truth says Jimmy "is gone". Kayla and crew tell Truth goodbye, and the show heads to a break.

Back from the break, it's announced that The Bump will be hosting the Slammy Awards preshow at 9am, also on the network. The hosts then make their picks for "top rope topics". Kayla is asked if she forgives the Miz and John Morrison, and she doesn't. Matt is asked to pick who will have the better future between Kushida and Ever-rise. Matt says he believes Kushida will do better. Evan is then asked to pick between John Cena and Adam Cole, and Evan picks Cena. Last but not least, Ryan is asked to say one nice thing about Bayley, and he says without her, "Sasha Banks wouldn't be women's champion". Kayla then moves things along into the next segment, and she introduces us to the next person being interviewed, Ric Flair.

Flair talks about his collaboration with Adidas, and shows off his new shoe line. The shoes are awesome! Flair says "wrestling came easy" to him, and he can't believe he's making shoes, and talking to rappers now. T. Mack asks Flair for his thoughts on Damian Lillard, who Flair collaborated with to make the shoe, and Flair says he's a "phenomenal player". Ric starts talking about the song Ric Flair Drip and says he "doesn't take things like that for granted". Flair tells us about how "great" it is that all of this stuff is happening for him, during his post wrestling career, and says it's all been "phenomenal". Matt asks Flair what the most ridiculous award he's gotten might be, and Flair says doing the music video for Ric Flair drip would be the craziest thing, especially since he was "still under the weather", after his stay in the hospital. Flair wraps up his thoughts on that, by saying that "for all the things I've done wrong, I've finally done something right". Kayla transitions into talking about Pat Patterson, and the victory Flair had during a past Royal Rumble. Flair talks about meeting Patterson in 1972, and how they were friends ever since. Flair goes into a story about not wanting to go 10 mins with The Ultimate Warrior, and he tells us that when he got back to guerrilla, Pat told him "that was the worst championship match" he had ever seen. Flair tells us he responded by telling Pat "I know, I was in it". Flair continued by saying the match was "horrible". Flair got back to Pat, and talks about Pats love of sharing knowledge to others around the locker room, good or bad. Pat "impacted so many careers", says Flair, and the tribute made for Pat was "indicative of who he was", before saying the video package was "really special and personal". Flair closes his thoughts on Patterson by saying he called Stephanie McMahon to tell her he "will die tomorrow if you guys will show me that respect"... Legends never die, Ric. Ryan then asks Flair to talk about a TLC match he had with Edge in 2006. Flair tells us when he got the call, he was "happy to add the match to his resume". Flair reminds us that he was 57, at the time. Matt then asks about his match with the Undertaker in 1992, and Flair says he knew right away the WWF "had a star". Flair tells us The Undertakers "timing, knowledge, and ability to stay in character" is what made him different from everyone else. Kayla and crew say goodbye to Flair, and the show goes to another ad break.

Once the show returns from the break, "The Bump" crew begins talking about Sunday's TLC PPV. There wil be a special edition of The Bump, and you can catch that recap right here! Kayla makes her way into talking about the shows next guest, Kevin Owens.

Kayla asks Owens about the "beat down" he took from Roman Reigns last Friday. Owens tells her Roman is "doing what he needs to do" to keep the title, but KO has had worse than that happen to him. Owens states that he has proved doubters wrong his whole career, and he will do it again. Owens boldly claims that Roman "doesn't have the balls" to say what he said to his family's face, and Roman could only get away with saying it to the camera. Owens mentions that everyone in WWE does what they do to support a family. He goes on to say that he's done "really questionable things" to people, and says Roman is "just trying to make himself feel better". Owens wants us to know that what's going on with Jey Uso isn't his problem, and he's focused on Sunday's TLC match. A video clip airs, from a previous edition of Talking Smack, where Paul Heyman called Owens a "misogynist, and a sexist, and a savage". Owens is asked for his thoughts, and he says Paul "should say those things about himself" for how he spoke around Kayla. KO says Heyman is just trying to get in Owens head, and that he and Paul have talked many times over the years. Owens confidently claims "I know what he thinks of me deep down", and whatever Heyman is trying to do "isn't gonna work". Matt asks Owens about Jey Uso, and how Owens treated Jey when the current storyline first kicked off. Owens says he likes all of the Samoans, and Naomi, and talks about his sons interactions with the Uso's, calling them "welcoming". Owens promises he "takes no pleasure" in what he's had to do to Jey, but he has to do it as long as he's battling Roman. Kevin finishes by telling us he doesn't like what's happening to Jey. Ryan then wonders if Owens is worried Jey might get involved at TLC, and Owens thinks it will happen. Owens reminds us that he doesn't have any help, and he "will live with the consequences". T. Mack asks Owens what he plans to do with the weapons he will have available, and Owens tells him that if he did crazy things for $75 on Indy shows, then "imagine what I'll do at TLC against Roman Reigns". Owens wishes his last Universal Championship run had gone differently, but he plans to reclaim the title and make things right. KO summarizes his career, and tells us that he's only sparingly listened to what other people had to say, and whatever people usually have to say "he does the opposite" of that. Kayla begins talking about KO's upcoming "chronicle" on the WWE network, and Owens calls it "great", and talks about being "privileged" to be a part of it. Ryan asks Owens about doing commentary on NXT, and KO tells him that doing 2 hours of commentary "is a whole other world". Owens mentions not being given any real directions, and calls doing commentary a "craft" and a "real skill". NXT tag team Ever-Rise crashes the show, and they thank Owens for what he has done for them. Ever-Rise continues, and they tell him they support him during the match on Sunday. Matt transitions into talking about Pat Patterson, who Owens says was "something else" and to say Pat will be missed would be "an understatement". The show ends when Kayla tells us all they are out of time, Ryan talks about matches on tonight's NXT, and T. Mack pushes the "Broken Skull Sessions" airing after TLC, with Stone Cold Steve Austin and his guest, Drew McIntyre.

That's all for this weeks show folks! Stayed tuned to Rajah.Com, for more recaps of "The Bump"!