WWE The Bump Recap: 2021 Year End Special, More

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of WWE’s The Bump.

The latest episode of The Bump featured a look back on all of this year's action on the show, as well as an interview with a special guest. Check it out:

WWE’s The Bump (12/29)

-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan welcome viewers to the show, and Kayla gives a quick rundown of today’s episode.
-Matt and Ryan share a few early thoughts on WWE Day 1, until Kayla introduces a video package, featuring Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss.
-Viewers are taken back to Halloween, where Kayla, Corbin, and Moss took a tour of Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House, which may or may not be what you think it is.
-The Bump moves back into the studio, where Kayla welcomes Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac onto the show.


X-Pac joins the show, and immediately announces that his knee is fully healed, so he’s been cleared to return to the ring. Matt takes X-Pac back to a recent episode of Smackdown, where the D-Generation-X member sat ringside with Maria Menounos. Matt asks X-PAC about the atmosphere in the building that night, and the WWE Hall of Famer explains “the action was awesome, I really enjoyed RK-Bro. The stuff with Brock Lesnar and Sami Zayn was amazing. I had a great time, and it was really fun!” Ryan enters the chat, and recaps Brock Lesnar’s recent change of character. Ryan wonders what X-Pac thinks of the current version of Lesnar, so X-Pac tells viewers “you can tell he’s having so much fun out there, there is no faking that. This is my favorite version of Brock so far.” Kayla reminds X-Pac that he once tagged with Brock Lesnar, during a WWE Live event that happened 20 years ago. Kayla follows up by asking X-Pac if he sees any difference between Brock then and Brock now, and X-Pac says “he’s more laid back now. He was all serious business back then. I like seeing him have fun! It’s fun seeing him have fun out there.” Matt chimes back in, and covers the multiple dynamics of various builds to clashes between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Matt asks X-Pac to share a few thoughts on the current dynamic, so X-Pac states “this is the best version of both of these guys. Roman is almost in a league of his own, and Brock is one of the only ones up there with him.” X-Pac continued “Even though they have done this before, it just feels different now!” Ryan changes gears, and takes X-Pac back to his July 7th appearance on The Bump. During the episode, the WWE Hall of Famer shared a few words of encouragement with Liv Morgan, who is set to challenge Becky Lynch at WWE Day 1. Ryan mentions that Liv fell short of a win at Money In The Bank, and he wonders if Morgan’s time will come at Day 1. X-Pac explains “I think it very well may be, but even if it isn’t, she has a huge future ahead of her. But I believe in her, and the WWE Universe has really accepted her.” Kayla thanks X-Pac for stopping by the show, and another segment is up next.

**commercial break**

-Ryan shares a few of his favorite moments from 2021, and talks about the “honor” of interviewing The Undertaker.
-Viewers are taken back to last month, where The Undertaker participated in a special two-part interview with Ryan, as well as Matt.

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-The show moves back into the studio, where Matt makes a quick DraftKings plug.
-Matt shares his favorite moment of 2021, and viewers are taken back to the 100th episode of The Bump, where Kevin Owens shared a special moment with a young fan.

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-Kayla reminds viewers that WWE Day 1 is going down live from Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, and there will also be a special preview episode of WWE's The Bump beforehand.
-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan wish everyone a Happy New Year, and the show fades to black.