WWE The Bump Recap (5/25): Bobby Lashley and Happy Corbin

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of WWE’s The Bump.

The latest episode of The Bump featured Smackdown Superstar Happy Corbin, as well as Monday Night Raw Superstar “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley. Check it out:

WWE The Bump (5/25)

-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan welcome the viewers onboard, and Kayla gives a rundown of today’s lineup.
-The Bump crew share their thoughts on Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley joins The Bump crew.

Bobby Lashley

Coming off of the heels of a busy Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley is with The Bump crew, who seems excited to have Bobby onboard. Kayla begins by asking Lashley about his night on Raw, and she wonders how “The Almighty” is feeling now that the smoke has cleared. Bobby explains “I’m in a good place, I’m in a great place right now. I’ve always said I want the biggest challenges, and Omos is definitely the biggest challenge on the roster.” Matt chimes in, and he wants to know how Lashley plans to deal with Omos, as well as MVP at Hell In A Cell. Bobby tells the WWE Universe “this feud has been alot about me and MVP. The fact that I’ve had these matches with him, and Omos was there on the outside, as well as vice versa… this town it makes me feel comfortable that both will be standing right in front of my face. The obstacle is there, you know the giant, and MVP.” Ryan joins the fun, and he’s standing by with a Twitter question from a fan of the show. The Twitter user asks Lashley which opponent he’d rather force to tap to the Hurt Lock, and Bobby says “that’s a tough one… im going to say Omos.” Bobby closes by saying “to have that visual of the giant on his knees tapping, that’s what I would love to see!” Kayla thanks Lashley for stopping by, and the interview comes to a close.

-Matt and Ryan preview the upcoming episode of Smackdown, until Kayla welcomes on the final guest.

Happy Corbin

Kayla dives straight into the interview, and takes Corbin back to two weeks ago, where Happy unleashed a vicious attack on his former protégé, Madcap Moss. Kayla follows up by asking Corbin to watch a clip of his promo from the latest episode of Smackdown, and Happy says “(laughs) im appreciating the amazing work that I do. Can we appreciate that shirt? The shirt looked fantastic on me. Also, did you see the $70,000 watch? There’s only like 50 of those.” Matt joins the fun, and he gives a brief recap of Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss’s friendship. Matt wonders why Madcap decided to venture out on his own, and Happy asks “why? The why? He wanted to get out of my shadow! He was supposed to entertain me, not everyone else. He got to big for his suspenders, and I love that reference!” Ryan handles the final question of the day, and it’s time for another Twitter question. A member of the WWE Universe asks Corbin why he decided to destroy the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy, even though his own name is on the coveted prize. Happy explains “it is part of my legacy, but I accomplished that on day one. That’s what I did when I kicked in the door. It took Madcap what, two years, or however long? So, it’s part of my legacy, but it’s kind of like the old dusty trophy you won when you were a kid, and now it’s just collecting dust. I had to make room for Championships.” The Bump crew thank’s Happy for stopping by, and it’s time for the next segment.

-Kayla announces the lineup for next week’s episode, and the crew puts a bow in the latest edition of The Bump.

That’s all for this week’s episode of The Bump! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your day!