WWE The Bump Recap (6/22): Natalya and Lacey Evans

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of WWE’s The Bump.

The latest episode of The Bump featured Smackdown Superstar’s Lacey Evans and Natalya, as well as so much more. Check it out:

WWE The Bump (6/22)

-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan welcome the viewers onboard, and Kayla gives a rundown of today’s lineup.
-The Bump crew share their thoughts on Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, until Lacey Evans joins The Bump crew.

Lacey Evans

The first qualifier for the 2022 Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match joins The Bump crew, and she’s here to share a few thoughts with the WWE Universe. Kayla begins by asking Lacey about her recent win over Xia Li, and she wonders if Evans has an advantage at Money In The Bank, since she qualified for the match first. Evans tells Kayla “not necessarily. I can keep my eyes out, and study going in, but I’m just blessed and ready to go. I’m excited!” Kayla follows up by reminding Lacey that this will be her first time competing in a traditional Money In The Bank Ladder match, and she wants to know how Evans plans to prepare for the brutal bout. Lacey explains “I’m focused more on the ladies involved. I’m looking at the size of them, and their skills, and advantages. So I’m coming after them one at a time.” Matt chimes in, and he covers the list of competitors in this year’s Money In The Bank Ladder match, before asking Lacey about her strongest challenger. Evans explains “to be honest with you, I think Raquel is the question mark. I know where the others are from, and what they are capable of, but what about Raquel?” Kayla thanks Lacey for stopping by, and the interview comes to a close.

-Matt and Ryan preview the upcoming episode of Smackdown, until Kayla welcomes on the final guest.


Just over a week away from her Money In The Bank collision with Smackdown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, Natalya has a few comments for the WWE Universe. Kayla kicks off the interview, and asks Natalya how she’s feeling this morning. The B.O.A.T explains “I’m doing great! I’m excited! Gearing up, working hard, training hard, and preparing for my match with Ronda Rousey at Money In The Bank. So it’s an exciting time!” Kayla follows up by recapping Natalya’s road to Money In The Bank, and she wants to know how Natalya has managed to get into this position. The challenger to the Smackdown Women’s Championship says “I’m super excited to do this match with Ronda, but we have a history. We trained privately together, before she even had a contract.” Natalya goes on to say “but, I haven’t felt respected by Ronda in a long time. It’s time for Natalya to take what’s mine! Ronda is talented, and a woman that I respect, but I’m ready to put her in her place!” Matt enters the chat, while footage of Natalya’s vicious assault on Ronda Rousey is shown. Matt asks Natalya if she’s concerned that Rousey may not compete at Money In The Bank, and Natalya tells Matt “Ronda is one of the most resilient female athletes in the world. So, I’m excited to see her persevere, and rise to the occasion. Maybe Ronda is a little jealous that her best friend, Shayna Baszler, chose me…” Natalya makes her exit from the show, and the final interview of the day is in the books.

-Ryan and Matt hype tomorrow’s edition of NXT UK, and The Bump fades to black.

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