WWE "The Bump" Recap: AJ Styles, Sheamus, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, And More Chat

What’s up wrestling fans? Welcome back to my recap of WWE’s social media show “The Bump”. Today’s edition of the show is hosted by Kayla Braxton, and she’s joined by her co-hosts Ryan Pappolla, Matt Camp, and Evan T. Mack. The guest on the show are AJ Styles, along with Omos, Sheamus, the first ever winner of the Royal Rumble match “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and... Randy Jackson? Now that we all know the names of the people appearing on today’s show, its time to get down to business.

Kayla kicks off the show by welcoming us to her co-hosts, and she says they have alot to talk about today. Evan begins to talk about Roman Reigns vs Adam Pearce at the Royal Rumble, and Ryan speaks about Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg. Ryan also talks about the main event segment from Monday’s Raw, as a graphic is shown, telling us Sheamus will be the first guest. Matt chimes in, and he talks about the Dusty Rhodes Classic, which starts tonight, and we’re told that the brackets will be released on today’s show. Kayla then brings on the first guest, Sheamus.


Sheamus talks about how he’s been doing lately, and talks about some of the matches he’s had lately, calling them “bangers”. Ryan asks Sheamus about Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg, and the fella talks about the Twitter reactions most of us have had about the match. Sheamus talks up Goldberg’s career, and tells Ryan he doesn’t think it will be a bad match, saying it “will be interesting to see”. Matt jumps into the conversation, and asks Sheamus about winning the 2012 Royal Rumble. Sheamus calls the rumble match “special” and says that only a “unique group of people” have won. He talks about Drew McIntyre winning last years rumble, and calls the match “an exciting match to kickoff the road to Wrestlemania”. Kayla asks about the memories Sheamus has from after the 2012 Royal Rumble, and he talks about the adrenaline rush he has after every match. Sheamus calls the match “surreal and emotional”, and says he doesn’t know exactly how he felt after the match, “but it was definitely another notch in my belt”. Matt takes Sheamus back to the 2010 Royal Rumble, where Sheamus took on Randy Orton. Sheamus tells us the day “went by so fast”, and calls it “chaotic”. Sheamus says he was “so nervous about being on one of his first pay per views”, and talks about failing a heart rate test twice, because he was “so pumped up”. Kayla wonders about Sheamus favorite Royal Rumble moments, and he tells the hosts that his favorite memory of the match is from 1990. He talks about Hogan vs Warrior, and how he loved the energy Warrior had. Sheamus recalls the build up to the Wrestlemania match Warrior and Hogan had, and talks about the “division” it caused between kids back then. Matt talks about the number one contenders match between Sheamus and Keith Lee from back in December, and Sheamus says he’s “a fan of Keith’s”. Sheamus talks up Keith’s wrestling ability, and how Keith “can take a hit”. Sheamus also talks about Riddle, and mentions that “these guys are killing it”. Ryan comes back into the conversation, and asks Sheamus about his goals for 2021. Sheamus tells Ryan his goal is to “get a title around my waist” and talks about how he hasn’t been able to win the Intercontinental Championship yet. Sheamus wants to be a “grand slam champion”, and get into the ring with John Morrison again. He finishes by talking about his return match for his current run, and says “it’s been alot of fun for me”. Kayla thanks Sheamus for joining, and the hosts remind us we’re 18 days away from the Royal Rumble. Kayla then introduces us to the next guest, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

“Hacksaw” starts off with a big “HOOOOO” because it “gets him going in the mornings”. Jim won the Rumble 33 years ago, and he tells Kayla he was “shocked” when he won. Duggan says he talked about the match many times with Pat Patterson, while they were in the legends house, and he says it’s crazy how far WWE has come. Ryan wonders if Duggan ever thought we would still be talking about his big win at this time, and he says he never had any idea how much the win would mean, calling it “overwhelming”. Evan asks about “Hacksaw” appearing at the 2009 Rumble, and he talks about the pop he got that night. He talks about working with the sons of some of his former rivals, like Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. Ryan asks about Duggans’ 2012 appearance, and he says WWE “has been a great business” for him. Kayla asks the legend about WCW World War III, and he says that match doesn’t compare to the Royal Rumble. Matt asks Duggan about beating Steve Austin for the US Title in 1994, and Duggan jokes that he “ran Austin out of the territory”. Matt also asks about “Hacksaw” beating King Haku in 89, and Duggan jokes about “being lucky to have ever won a match”. Evan asks about Duggan vs Yokozuna in 94, and Duggan talks about the reaction that happened when he knocked the big man off of his feet. Kayla thanks “Hacksaw” for joining, and he ends the segment with another big “HOOOOOO”. Kayla then welcomes us to the next guest, Randy Jackson, who must be lost.

Randy Jackson

Randy is here to plug his new FOX show, Name That Tune, and talk about alot of other things that aren’t wrestling related. Ryan asks Randy if he ever thought about getting Simon Cowell in the ring, and he says no. He then proceeds to call the Riott Squad “the riot girls”. He continues talking about everything besides WWE, and since this is a wrestling site, I’ll spare you the details! The conversation finally moves back to wrestling, as a clip of Omos and AJ Styles is shown. Evan wants to know if Randy has ever broken a guitar over anyone’s back, and Randy thinks Omos is Titus O’Neal... After playing a quick game together, the hosts thank Randy for joining, and they wrap up the segment.

Kayla then tells us who will be here next week, and the guests will be Rey Mysterio, Chad Gable, Booker T, and Dolph Ziggler with Robert Roode. A graphic for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic bracket is shown, and I’m sure you can check it out on WWE.Com. Kayla then brings in the next two guests, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory.

The Way

They complain about having to take on Leon Ruff and Kushida, and Austin talks up Gargano, saying they are “in synch”. Gargano says he’s never won the Dusty cup, and now he has a partner he “can trust”. Theory talks about this being his first time on the show, and Kayla wishes them “all the best”. Gargano says “we don’t need it”, and the rest of the bracket is shown. Drake Maverick and Killian Dain react to their draw, and Maverick rips off his shirt like Hulk Hogan, stands on the table, and then hurts his ankle. How’s that for an injury angle? They then join the show for an interview.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain

Maverick tells the hosts “we’re going all the way”, and Dain says they are “very confident”. Matt asks Dain if the team will get matching ring attire, and Killian says no. Maverick tells Matt his ankle might be sprained, and blames “Japanese tables”. Kayla mentions to Drake that he now holds the record for most appearances on the bump, and he gets so excited that he re-injures his ankle. Kayla thanks them for joining, and moves on to the next guest, AJ Styles.

AJ Styles and Omos

AJ joins the show, as well as Omos, and they’re on what appears to be AJ’s tour bus. It’s really nice! AJ talks about his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, and says he was “nervous about the situation”, since he didn’t know many people in WWE. Kayla talks about AJ’s “Untold”, which will be on the WWE Network soon, and clips from the show are aired. AJ talks about “how cool he tried to act” and how he hoped “someone knows” him. Matt asks AJ about his mindset coming into the company, and AJ tells him he wanted to bring more fans to WWE. AJ mentions wondering if he was a star or not, and says he was “happy to be here”. Evan talks about the moment when AJ entered the arena, and AJ speaks on hearing his entrance music for the first time, calling it “great”. AJ talks about how the song was intended for James Storm, but the song “was written for AJ Styles”. Ryan asks AJ what moments stand out to him from that night, and he talks about the “mini dream matches” that took place. AJ talks about taking on Roman Reigns, and others, calling it all “great”. Kayla then begins to talk about John Cena vs AJ Styles from the 2017 Rumble, and AJ calls the match “their best one”. Evan talks about the return of Edge last year, and AJ says that if someone was gonna hurt him, he’s “glad it was Edge”. Kayla asks AJ about Omos destroying Elias’ guitar with a karate kick, and AJ tells them “we have alot more to show you”. Matt asks AJ about Shinsuke Nakamura, and if they ever talked about having a match together in WWE. AJ says they never really talked about it, but it did happen at Wrestlemania 32. AJ calls Shinsuke “legit” and talks about how he “can get after it”. Kayla thanks them both for joining, and mentions that The Bump crew will being doing a special edition of the show, to kickoff the Royal Rumble, as the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks edition of “The Bump”. Join me next Wednesday, for another recap of “The Bump”, right here on Rajah.Com!