WWE The Bump Recap: Bobby Lashley, Shayna Baszler, Cesaro, And The Riott Squad Stop By

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome to a special edition of The Bump Recap. This episode of The Bump is all about tonight’s Elimination Chamber event, and will be hosted by Kayla Braxton, Matt Camp, Ryan Papolla, and Evan T. Mack. Many guests will be a part of the show, including The Riott Squad, Cesaro, Bobby Lashley, and Shayna Baszler. Now that we’re all caught up on who will be talking today, let’s take a look at The Bump!

Kayla welcomes the viewers to a “jam packed show”, and runs down the list of guests. Kayla then brings in her co-hosts, and they speculate on what might go down tonight. Matt follows up by bringing in the first guest of the show, the WWE United States Cahmpion Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley

Bobby begins by saying he feels good heading into his title defense tonight, and tells Matt he’s “going into this match with alot of confidence”. Ryan mentions that Lashley has displayed “a new level lately”, and Bobby explains to him he’s “currently on a path of destruction”. Evan brings up a Twitter picture of Lashley locking in a full nelson on Riddle, and Lashley calls him “tough”. Lashley speaks on Riddle and Keith Lee, and states that “those guys are tough, but they aren’t Lashley tough”. Ryan wonders if Riddle has disrespected Bobby, and Lashley says Riddle “has alot of balls”. Lashley mentions that “the drunken fighter is the toughest fighter in the game”, and compares such a fighter to Riddle. Ryan questions the United States champion about the constant clashing between Benjamin and Alexander, and Bobby reassures him, saying “we are like brothers, and we bicker, because we are close”. Lashley finishes the response by explaining what’s going on now “is just brothers fighting”. Matt wonders who Lashley would like to take on in a Fight Pit match, and Lashley names his Hurt Business stable mates, as well as Timothy Thatcher. Lashley then lays down the law, and tells Matt he will face anyone, because “that person might be tough, but they aren’t Lashley tough”. Ryan rejoins the conversation, and takes Lashley back to December to Dismember, and the Extreme Rules Elimination Chamber match. Bobby won the match, and he tells Ryan the people competing in the match tonight "have to be ready for a dirty fight tonight”. Evan asks if there’s any unfinished business between he and Drew McIntyre, and Bobby talks about how he hasn’t had a chance to face Drew again. Bobby thinks Drew will “fight anybody”, except for him, and talks about wanting to find the toughest S.O.B he can find to face himself. Bobby calls out Brock, Roman, Big E, Braun, and even Riddle and Kieth Lee, putting each man on notice in the process. Lashley closes the interview by telling the men he called out “if you really want a tough match, then challenge me".

After the United States Champion moves along, the crew plugs their Elimination Chamber watch along, which goes down during the event. Kayla then reminds the viewers about the upcoming Broken Skull Sessions: Sasha Banks, which premieres on the WWE Network, after tonight’s big special event. The crew begins to make their predictions on the Women’s Tag Team Championship match after that, and brings on the next guest, Shayna Baszler.

Shayna Baszler

Shayna starts off by saying she feels like “all signs point toward more dominance” and reminds us of her performance during last year’s match. Ryan wonders if Shayna and Nia are trying to “detour” Bianca and Sasha tonight, and Shayna rants about how everyone is raving about those two, but no one is talking about her team. Shayna mentions that “they have their own problems, and all we have to worry about is each other”. Kayla chimes in, and wonders how Shayna asses Bianca and Sasha as a team. Shayna begins to speak on her relationship with Nia, and says their only focus “is to keep those titles”. Shayna questions if the face team can be “cohesive”, and Evan wonders if Shayna has a bigger problem with either opponent. Shayna talks about how Bianca “should be thanking me”, because of all the times they faced off in the past. Kayla wants to know about the trip the tag team champions took to the Capitol Wrestling Center, and Baszler warns Dakota and Raquel, saying “they already know”. Ryan also asks about the NXT duo, and Shayna makes fun of Dakota Kai, saying “she has a shell to hide behind now, but she is the same old Dakota Kai”. Evan wonders about how Shayna views Raquel Gonzalez as a potential challenger, and Shayna mentions that “it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are if you can’t breathe”. Evan takes Shayna back to last year, where she eliminated all five of her opponents in the Elimination Chamber. Shayna thinks she was so dominant because she is “so comfortable in a cage”. Baszler tells Ryan that “it’s deeds over words, and it’s obvious” that her name is synonymous with the Chamber match now. Kayla brings things back to tonight, and asks Shayna “what’s in store” for her at Wrestlemania. Shayna wants this year to be “the Wrestlemania that i deserve, and I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing”. Kayla wishes Shayna luck, and sends her on her off.

Once the segment with Baszler ends, the crew plugs their “Stump The Bump” trivia game. After the plug, Kayla introduces the next guests, The Riott Squad.

The Riott Squad

Liv and Ruby say things are “going great” on Smackdown, and tonight they are going to “watch and learn”. Ruby begins to talk about their problems with Billie Kay, and Liv tells the crew that Billie “is trying her best”. A replay of a few words Kayla had to say about the situation is shown, and Ryan wonders if they agree with her. Ruby runs down Kayla for her thoughts, and Liv tells her “I wish Billie helped us instead of hurting us”. Ruby thinks Billie should “host Wrestlemania” and “the squad functions better when it’s just the squad”. Liv mentions that they had the ball rolling before Billie got involved, and Ryan wonders if they “feel disrespected by Bayley”. The Riott Squad says “who doesn’t”, and Ruby further states that “Bayley is a completely different competitor now”. Liv thinks Bayley has “an ego problem”, but “she’s as fierce as they come”. Kayla wonders what it will take for Liv and Ruby to get back into title contention, and Ruby believes “it’s destiny”. Ruby goes on to say that “once we reach the top, no one can keep those titles from us”. Ryan asks the two about possibly facing Nia and Shayna again, and Ruby calls the last meeting disappointing, saying The Riott Squad “has been the most cohesive team on the roster for a long time now”. Kayla asks The Riott Squad about their former partner Sarah Logan, and then brings her on the show for a surprise appearance. Sarah talks about how both members of The Riott Squad are “still my best friends”, and how she can’t wait to let her son meet them. Kayla brings up a “funny note” and asks Sarah for her thoughts on Billie Kay. Sarah thinks watching Kay has “been like trying to watch a crappy team win the super bowl”, and finds it “funny someone thinks they can replace me”. After The Riott Squad trio talks about how much they mean to each other for an extended period of time, Kayla sends them all on their way, and the segment ends.

When the segment is finished, the rest of the bump crew rejoins the show, and mentions that next weeks guests on the show will be Big E, Ron Simmons, and Matt Riddle, as well as Freddie Prinze Jr. After the announcement, the hosts make predictions for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, as well as the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. Once the predictions wrap up, Kayla brings on the final guest of the day, Cesaro.


Kayla talks about the words Cesaro had for Roman Reigns on Talking Smack, and wonders if this is “the biggest match of your career”. Cesaro answers, saying “of course”, and explains why. Ryan point out that Cesaro hasn’t lost a singles match in nearly 9 months, and Cesaro talks about how “hard it is to build momentum” during the corona era of wrestling. Cesaro thinks it’s “incredible” that he’s done so well recently, and tonight he “will put an exclamation point on it”. Matt reminds Cesaro that he is 0-2 against Roman, and takes him back to a match against Roman in 2015. Cesaro thinks 0-2 “is a pretty good record, but I want to put a 1 in front of that”. Kayla brings up what happened between Cesaro and Seth Rollins, and shows him a replay of what Rollins said on The Bump earlier this week. "The Swiss Superman" responds to those words, and tells Kayla “Seth is the victim in his own story”, and “a thorn in the side”. Ryan asks about recent matches against Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro says “the thing with Daniel Bryan is that you can never count him out”. Ryan begins to talk about the first time Cesaro and Bryan met, and Cesaro talks about meeting Daniel “in 2003”. Cesaro talks about the “bond” he and Bryan share, and how they “make each other better, but keep that respect and integrity for the sport”. Matt wants to know how challenging it will be to battle in the chamber, and then possibly face Roman at the end of the night. Cesaro thinks the challenge “will be awesome, and that’s what I live for”. Cesaro then begins to talk about his love for wrestling, and Kayla asks what his final words are, before the match tonight. Cesaro thanks the WWE Universe for their support, and wishes there could be “Cesaro section signs” in the building” tonight. Cesaro closes by saying he hopes he can “repay the fans” by winning tonight, and shares his thoughts on Sheamus competing in the other Chamber match. Cesaro thinks Sheamus “has been fun to watch”, and he “always brings 110% to every match”. Kayla thanks “The Swiss Superman” for joining the show, and sends him on his way.

Once Cesaro makes his way off of the screen, the crew makes their final predictions for the Elimination Chamber event tonight. Viewers get one final plug for the watch along special, and Kayla thanks everyone for watching, as the show fades to black.

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