WWE The Bump Recap: Liv Morgan, The Undertaker, More

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of WWE’s The Bump.

Today’s episode of The Bump offers up a preview of Survivor Series, and feature appearances by The Undertaker, Liv Morgan, and The Uso’s.

WWE The Bump

-Kayla, Matt, and Ryan welcome the viewers onboard, and Kayla gives a rundown of today’s lineup.
-The Bump crew share their thoughts on the title vs title clash between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, as well as the Men’s 5 on 5 elimination match.
-Matt and Ryan plug new Bruno Sammartino merch, until Kayla welcomes on the first guest.

Liv Morgan

Ahead of her battle alongside Team Raw at Survivor Series, Liv Morgan joins Kayla for an interview, and Liv seems excited. Kayla begins by asking Morgan how she’s feeling, and Liv says “I feel good. I think this is my first time live on The Bump. It feels so official!” Kayla looks ahead to this evenings women’s Survivor Series match, and she wonders what Liv’s emotions are like. Morgan explains “I’m so excited! Becky is always on my mind, but tonight we have Survivor Series to focus on. I’m kinda tunnel visioning on that.” Matt chimes in, and he wants to know how Liv’s experience in last years elimination match will help her in this years bout. Liv tells viewers “it just gives you more insight on how to prepare. I feel more prepared this year.” Ryan enters the chat, and he brings up Liv’s issues with her Team Raw teammate Carmella. Liv says “I feel like I don’t have anymore attention towards her. I’m just focused on Becky, 100% completely laser focused on Becky.” Matt takes Morgan back to last Monday’s Raw, where Liv became the new number one contender to the Raw Women’s Championship, and went face to face with the champion afterwards. Matt asks if Liv is trying to match confidence with Becky Lynch, so Liv explains “100%... just because you don’t have the same opportunities doesn’t mean you aren’t at the same level. I can tell when she looks into my eyes, she knows how hungry I am. The eyes don’t lie.” Kayla thanks Liv for stopping by, and it’s time for more match previews.

-Matt and Ryan preview tonight’s collision between RK-Bro and The Uso’s, until Kayla welcomes on the next guest.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker joins Matt and Ryan for a pre-taped interview, and he’s looking as grizzled as ever. Matt begins by asking The Undertaker about his retirement ceremony at last year’s Survivor Series, and “The Deadman” tells Matt “I’m actually doing alot of things I was never able to do now. You get caught up in being in the flow of things, and staying ready to be on the road, so it’s all been really nice. I had to come to grips with the ring aspect of my career being done, but it’s been nice. I’ve enjoyed my time with my family.” Ryan enters the chat, and he wonders if Survivor Series has any special meaning to The Undertaker. Taker explains “yeah of course, that’s the anniversary you know? And they add up, next thing you know it’s 30 years. But yeah, that’s where it all kicked off. I’ve always looked at that as my Pay-Per-View.” Matt takes The Undertaker on a trip down memory lane, and brings up ‘Takers loss to Vince McMahon at Survivor Series ‘03. Matt asks if Vince has ever teased him about the victory, and The Undertaker says “only just about every time we talk. Actually he reminds me that I spilt his eye open, but he got me back... he hit me with a snow shovel... where did they even find that in Dallas? But yeah they found the one, and he busted me open with it. I learned that you don’t mess with the boss.” Ryan jumps back in with a Twitter question, and a fan wants to know what The Undertaker’s all-time favorite Survivor Series moment is. Taker tells the fan “it has to be the debut. That was so incredible. Who knew we would still be talking about it 31 years later? It was really cool, and i finally realized I was home.” Matt and Ryan thank The Undertaker for his time, and more previews are up next.

-The Bump crew preview tonight's huge collision between Big E and Roman Reigns, until Kayla welcomes on the final two guest’s of the day.

The Uso’s

Hours before they hit the ring for a tag team battle with Team RK-Bro, Jimmy and Jey Uso join Kayla for a quick chat. Kayla asks Jimmy, as well as Jey where their heads are at right now, and Jimmy asks “do we look nervous Kayla? We here, it’s champ vs champ. We’re gonna see who is the best tag team in all of WWE, and you already know the answer.” Matt follows up by asking both men about their current Smackdown Tag Team Championship reign, and points out that the 5-time Champions have held the titles for a combined 500+ days. Jey says “numbers is numbers. We do what we do, and perform night after night. We are gonna give Team RK-Bro this work tonight. Randy Orton has been on the most Pay-Per-Views, but tonight is his last Pay-Per-View. Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t lie!” Ryan refers back to a tweet from earlier in the week, where Randy Orton stated he’s “looking forward” to the match against The Uso’s. Ryan wonders if The Uso's are excited to step in the ring with Orton and Riddle, so Jey says “they’ve been on the radar...” Jimmy adds “Let’s be real, Randy Orton is a legend, who don’t wanna get in the ring with him? Which makes it more important for us to get in there and make a name for ourselves against a legend.” Jey continues “I’m a grown man, right hand man, main event, and this tag division is locked down. They know who’s locking it down!” Kayla thanks the Smackdown Tag Team Champion’s for their time, and it’s prediction time.

-Matt and Ryan predict the matchups scheduled for tonight’s Survivor Series, and The Bump fades to black.